Skywalker Nug Run Shatter Review

After all the flower reviews we’ve taken a look at from harvest, it’s time to take a look at some of the extractions made with some of the strains we’ve just seen, as well as a few more. First up, we have some nug run from the last strain we took a look at, the Dutch Passion Skywalker (Mazar x Blueberry). After seeing the flower, it was no surprise that extracting those nugs produced possibly the most potent oil out of all the strains I was lucky enough to sample, and like a few others we’re going to look at was dewaxed and winterized to make for a healthier and less contaminated extract. The flavor is dominated by the mazar with a deep kush flavor and added sweet earthy notes from the blueberry. Effects take over immediately with a heavy, couch locking indica onset that last for a good hour or two. This has been my personal night time errl and works amazingly.

Thanks to my buddy for all these awesome samples to show off! Many more to come soon.



  1. Juan Jay says

    Looks hella good.

  2. TheNamelessYeti says

    Butane Soup.

  3. Noah Dragiewicz says

    hell yeah , nug run eerl is my favorite wax I smoke that everyday it's flame

  4. 420ModernDayHippie says

    is stainless steel safe i gotta stainless steel dabber the other day and am wondering if its okay to dab with and which is better to dab with stainless steel or ti?

  5. Z WB says


  6. rOY mOnster says


  7. segregatchin says

    looks too dope would love to try it.

  8. Dgv Sonabe says


  9. Michael Alvarez says

    Damm that looks Fire

  10. Rahmeese Clay says

    Good sheeeit mane keep'em coming

  11. Super Nova says

    What people who winterize apparently don't know is you can dewax with just butane alone, no need for alcohol, degrades terps

  12. mario juana says


  13. mario juana says

    I wanna send you some of my winterized oil for review 👍

  14. aleven says

    damn thats some super  fire

  15. Braden .J says

    you seemed very sedated from that one dab lol
     i cant wait to try my first dab

  16. andyfibb says

    holy crap… first time trying tangie, and i heard its not even the best probly outdoor, but its from gold coast, some tangiejackog , i only taste tangerine lol, so fire this strain is awesome.. espeically if you love the flavor of tangerines its pretty sick… the hype is real lol

  17. BubbleMan710 says

    +oilhashgrassandglass how would you reccomend cleaning a quartz nail? 

  18. Vegan Lady Blaze says


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