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SMOK I-Priv The Talking Mod Review and Rundown | Massively Annoying, The Review and Me


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This is a (p)review of the SMOK I-Priv. There is going to be some parts of this video that seem annoying but thats EXACTLY how I felt when I was halfway thru the review. If they just improved the AI on this and made it so she responded to more custom commands, it wouldnt be so much of a gimmick.

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  1. Omg when you were arguing with the color change was fucking hilarious bro omg I had to rewind just to hear what else you said lmao.

  2. Some of those rope jammies were solid and some weren't. Most of the really big rope jammies were hollow but if you were to ask the guy sporting the huge hollow rope he would tell you it was only hollow because solid would be way too heavy to wear and he would probably then flash a bunch of cash just to make sure you didn't dare think his rope was hollow cause solid cost too much more money! I def think you need a huge gawdy yellow gold rope chain to rock for your "warning" reviews. Especially for the end when you desteoy shit! Add some old west coast gangsta rap and you are stylin' my friend.

  3. god these smok tanks are so cheap looking, i mean i get they are cheap, but they look super fucking cheap, i miss the old smok before they hit the big time

  4. I'm a fan of smok but they seriously need to stop putting out so many "priv" mods and take some time to design something new and different bcuz with all the products they have out I'm sure they can afford to spend some time on designing and coming out with a new line of mods instead of more privs. Again I like smok and I think they make the best looking mods that perform very well and are made very well aswell. Enough with the privs and coming out with a new mod every couple months and actually spend some time on a new line

  5. Ok so I have an ipriv I love it and hate it at the same time just bought it Friday stayed up last night fucked around with it for a bit and thought will the voice sucks I bought this thing for 2 reason one I liked the color I already knew I was gonna be annoyed (hence why I watch reviews) 2 my shop was sell it as a bundle with the resa prince a 3 pack of mesh coils and 50 reward points all for $85 I was like ok bet that's a steal so my reason for getting it yea the voice sucks wish you could make it more customizable but unfortunately you cant so SOL I think

  6. im half way through and MAN this video is so funny i just have to see it through 😉 thx from norway mr Haze u just made my day 😉

  7. This would be much funnier if you could program your own commands and responses using a phone app.
    PS – That thing looks like a cylon walkie-talkie.

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