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Smok Novo Pod System Review & Lemon Tart Salt E Liquid


I do a review on the smok novo pod system. purchase here: for 29.95$
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The SMOK NOVO Ultra Portable Pod Kit is launched as a luxuriously designed vape pod system, premiering with an exquisite cobra plated panels for a striking masterpiece with 450mAh rechargeable battery and 2mL refillable pods. Designed with comfortable curvature lines combine with visually impressive design elements, the SMOK NOVO is destined to stand out when use that maintains a stealth functional vape due to its compact size. Internally, SMOKTech integrated a 450mAh rechargeable battery within the NOVO, with intelligent LED light indicator to provide instant battery life feedback and is conveniently charged via microUSB port. The NOVO Pod System has a wattage range of 10 to 16W, activated by a draw-activated mechanism such as a simple draw inhale. The ergonomically designed refillable pod features a curvature mouthpiece, 2mL juice capacity for nic salts, and an air-drive side airflow system. The atomizer core is integrated into the pod, utilizing a special cotton that is enclosed to provide optimal vapor production and flavor enhancement.
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  1. Dumb question of a newbie: When do i change the Pod for a new one? How long do they last? is there any visual signs on the pod that shows that we need to replace it? Thank you.

  2. Element ripped me and a bunch of my friends off don’t order from them 1 of 2 things will happen your stuff never comes or they give you broken shit

  3. does anywhere sell completely unflavored salt nic ? i can never find any good flavors and would rather just have no taste than a shit one

  4. I ducking hate the rainbow it looks nothing like how it’s supposed to and now I don’t want it I was planning on getting it

  5. Hey guys! I just needed some suggestions, i am 15 and i got hooked to ciggies at the age of 13, tried 2 years to quit but failed, finally tried nic salts 50mg and i haven't looked at ciggs till now! I just wanted to know if anybody else has a story like me?

  6. Thanks D but I'll stick with my infinix's since i never had a problem with them, yes i have 3 lol..Yea lemon tart salt sounds good!!

  7. Something good to mention in these pod system reviews that no one does is the price of replacement pods. I've bought multiple pod systems, and the biggest factor in what I use daily is the price of the pods. My Suorin Drop works great but the pods cost 4 dollars each. That's pretty pricey if it's your all day vape. It would help if reviews mentioned price.

  8. It sucks to see so many pod reviews that "have" to be done. I can feel how uninspired a lot of reviewers are lately with it. Anyway, thanks for the review Derek!

  9. I like the mouthpiece it looks comfy for the lips 👄 I’m using the NS lemon tart now but we can only get 20mg over in the uk , sucks really I think a 30mg would be great for me personally. Great review D 👍🏼

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