SMOK X-Priv & Majesty Luxe Kits (Show-n-Tell)

These are more of a show-n-tell than it is a review. I haven’t really used these devices much due to lack of time recently, but I do tell you my experiences with them.

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  1. Mortuary Manor RIP says

    Hey, dats not a squonk!

  2. windsor laser says

    Sorry, but most "mainstream" mods, unless there is something really different/unique about them, are boring as hell.

  3. Tony Glock says

    Wow you reviewed something not squonk related.😂

  4. Geeter Tron says

    Wow thx for reviewing this not your usual style of review. Hope to see more!

  5. Julie Dickinson says

    It is definitely weird seeing you review the Smok kits but I like watching your videos regardless

  6. Caesar DeHaro says

    Would like to see the T-Priv reviewed. The DIY stuff seems very redundant at this point and it seems like you're building the same shit in different configurations over and over.

  7. Crickus 52 says

    Lol… the big clouds must be over compensation for SOMETHING lacking! 😂

  8. The Gook says

    Geekay nothing important but that yellow square in the background is making me have ocd..

  9. dat boy orly says

    I'm still a bit salty about my g priv 2 ive waited 80 days for my mod and it still hasn't arrived and its from fasttech lol

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