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  1. imagoodmushroom says

    Just want to point out that the delrin drip tip actually works as a 510 adapter. It looks goofy as hell, but it works

  2. R-cong Gaming says

    this youtube very helpfull, ty

  3. Vince Cooper says

    The Jerry Springer. Good one mike LOL.

  4. Vince Cooper says

    Yes, It will be interesting to see how long the Springs last from Heating & Cooling. The idea that they give you an extra set of Springs tell me something. I'm also surprised they did not include a Squonk Pin.

  5. James McLeod says

    A little trick I discovered for inserting the coil(s) so that they match up easily on the first try using a paperclip.

    Straighten out the paperclip (somewhat) and keep bending the middle until it breaks in half. Insert the paperclip halves in each of the two post at the lowest point possible. Now the other opening are fully open making it easy to insert both coil legs into the top-most inner openings. (Obviously, repeat on the other side of the posts if building a dual coil system.)

    Another trick is to fill it to max with your juice by squirting it into the deck from outside the post where the wick isn't (after saturating the wick & coil). You can easily see when the juice has reach max, thereby not having an overflow situation.

    Available at https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/tanks-rbas/rdas-drippers-rbas/tigertek-springer-x-rda.html for $15.98.

  6. WHITESOXWIN31 says

    I like the concept.

  7. Todd Black says

    I think it's a cool idea I am just curious how long the springs will last. I also like that you throw whatever build you want in it and it will accommodate whatever. Thanks mike as always a good review.

  8. James Slaughter says

    To MIKE VAPE I have the DRUGA RDA it's very easy to use try it out but I would like to try that 1 out also to see it it hits the big clouds as u said 👌🏾👍🏾🤙🏾🤘🏾✌🏾😁😎 KEEP VAPING MY FRIENDS 😤💨

  9. tonee northam says

    Nice looking deck, thanks for taking the time to review this Mike👍

  10. theuncanspan says

    A friend of mine who is new to RDAs bought this yesterday so i sat it up for him and gave it a try. The flavor is on point and don't let the AF fool you, it chucks good amount of clouds and it has a smooth draw. I use the Goon 1.5 myself

  11. Gorgon says

    I've used it for 4 months and still using it now. Haven't had any problems with it.

  12. Theresa Candle Guru says

    I like this rda only because it’s easy

  13. Gwayne L says

    I like it, something different. Thanks for another good review!!

  14. Matt M. says

    I picked one up today and I really like it! You can get some amazing builds inside. You have to adjust with about every RDA, this one just in a different way.

  15. Mohamed Moussa says

    this RDA is a creative and easy in use except the first con like u said .. i wana use it one day

  16. Barry Allison says

    finally an rda you can piss of for a few days or go to the pub for the day without a large bulky tool kit .A few coils some cotton small nail cutters and some small folding scissors job done no space taken whatsoever .Job well done tigertek and thank you mike for the review

  17. Lux Grimm says

    Lol on the sink joke.

  18. Jimmy Clark says

    That's an interesting concept on the way they built the deck I'm like you though if I get both coils in and one of them is just a little bit off and I want to loosen up and push one side in, then when I push down on the button it's going to let go of both sides, both coils in other words. So that's kind of a con. I mean it looks modern and fantastic I like the fact that it's got a deep juice well I like the fact that it holds a lot of juice because I Vape hard, looks good. The only con I can think of is just like you said they should have put four all the same size on the top I guess I could get used to it if you give me a free one LOL. JimmyClarkis@aol.com

  19. Juan Miron says

    I strip shit all the time. Sounds good to me.

  20. 7snZain says

    I have all colors ^_^

    Like & Sub

    Thanks bro

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