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TANGOMELON by Transistor E Liquid Review!


Hey vaping World ! I will be reviewing TANGOMELON by Transistor!

I have been vaping this E-Liquid for a month now, This E-Liquid is PERFECT for Spring and Summer!

check out my pages to watch other E-Liquid Reviews!

Twitter @schmidty_vapes

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  1. Wondering 2 things…. 1) do you find the "lime" conflicts (can't think of the word, idk why… lol) w/ the watermelon or overpowers it at all…? Doesn't seem like those 2 would go together. 2) Have you vaped it at all in a subohm style tank w/ stock coils? Differences? Thanks. Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm (ps" any idea where *or even "if" one can find any of the other flavors to purchase…. like the PB/J… A key lime I also heard about….. & I think a Froot Loop/Cereal & Milk…. too ?)

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