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The Citadel RDA by Psyclone Mods Review


Thew new rda by Psyclone Mods, the Citadel! You can pick it up from their website at

Another take on the Hadaly, with all the Hadaly-issues basically solved. You might just like this one..


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  1. Hi Geekay, what happened to your RDA collaboration? Do you still have plans to release an RDA with a Chinese manufacturer as you announced in your previous video?

  2. About a week ago I had a choice between this and the Entheon after exclusively and happily using my Shenray Hadaly clone for about a year. I ended up choosing the Entheon because I wasn't a fan of the ultem insert in the Citadel – it seems like one of those parts that is going to be broken, melted or lost somewhere down the line. I've never had any issues with the clamp system either, as I use either simple round wire or simple clapton builds.
    Not a bad-looking device, but I love my Entheon (authentic this time). Psyclone make great stuff, made in China or not.

  3. Very nice. Love the tip u have in the hadaly. Personally ive loved the hadaly since its release. Do u think I really need a citadel if i have a hadaly or wld u go with the aiora??? Im torn between one of those 2 or a vapeshell for my bb lol

  4. Flavor is great, but this Citadel is a POS. My legs get hot. I tried many different types of builds and I have the same issue. Bending the legs does seem to help. I am also not a newbie builder, I have built many coils and I have never had this issue. I emailed the company two times without a reply. I tried to contact them through Instagram, no reply. Their customer service has been shit too. Also, it is very funky in TC mode.

  5. Really nice rda machining on that rda looks better then most usa made rdas and people say u cant get quality from china i call bull shit

  6. Iā€™m watching this as I vape on my Hadaly. I just spent almost a grand on a new sword and some accessories but I will definitely be picking this up.

  7. Thanks Geekay. just the look on your face, says you really like the Citadel. I won one on Squonk Merica. With 4 never normal caps. Thanks for your observations.

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