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The CITADEL RDA ; Orion Pod Mod [ Review ]


NOTE: I kept calling the Chamber Reducer “PEEK” cause I’m an idiot. Its obviously Ultem.

The Citadel is an RDA from Psyclone Mods that attempts to top the Hadaly and Entheon as the best flavor RDA on the market. Check it out at PSYCLONEMODS.COM. The Orion is from Lost Vape and is the best Pod system device out.


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  1. thanks wayne, this is the only place i heard about the citadel.. ive used the hadley daily since launch, gonna order a few of these cause looks like its gonna be just as good.

  2. I don't know if you even read these comments anymore but if you do….. pick up the SUORIN VAGON …. Its by far the best pod system out there * IMO better than the juul by far ….. IT comes with pods that are meant to be refilled, and the bonus is….. you can change the cotton on the pods. There are 2 tabs on either side be careful but gently pry while pulling the base comes right out… I use kohgendo cotton and the coil is tiny and fragile looking but simple to re wick…. Or buy a new one for 4 bucks. It fits perfectly in my hand and the flavor is unbelievable!! Get one you won't regret it and as grimm green would say…. For $29 it's cheap enough to buy it, just to try it.

  3. Exactly the video I wanted to see about this RDA, thanks for making it. It isn't cheap in the UK… seriously like $120 – but still cheaper than Jai Haze's RDA, even the one he jizzed over in his non-review…. similar sort of cap to this.

  4. been curious about the citadel, glad to see a review by someone who I follow and trust. currently combing through the pile of information you share on your website, through membership. Thanks for all you do Wayne

  5. My only problem is it cost 8 times what the hadaly costs. I wonder how much better is it when it comes to cost/flavor balance.

  6. If you want a pod styled vape with really good flavor, check out the nautilus aio. I have really enjoyed mine, and it takes nautilus coils – which kick ass.

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