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The DROP RDA by DiGiFlavor & TVC – Build & Wick – Mike Vapes


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  1. Only thing I found wrong with this RDA was the spitback, it was every hit a mouthful of juice lol but other than that great RDA.

  2. I'm afraid it's totally biased review they must have promised him RDA for life replacement for doing a positive review on the Drop, way to much positive, their's something rotten in Denmark ..Alright i finished building it, Mind you that's a sweet puffin RDA ..

  3. I ended up watching this video, rips and tvc's review and yep….I picked up this RDA. Frickin love it!! That Punisher mod is just caaarazy!! Want it but 200 bucks for that thang. Sheesh Louise!!

  4. Want to buy a RTA or RDA for DL .. can't decide .. think I'm going with an RDA since I use MTL RTA's outside and dripping at home won't be such an issue .. also wondering if the flavor is really that much better than an RTA (MTL rta's are supposed to have pretty good flavor and I have the two best MTL tanks on the market)

    My only worry with this is 1. heat 2. spitback …

    Heard the barrel gets very hot very quick and it's prone to spitback.

  5. afew questions, iv been vaping for about a year now and im just using Smok Alien Baby and just the Q2 Smok Coils. havnt started playing with rta's / rda's yet , how often would you need to replace the coil wire if atall, and am i right in saying you only need to soak the cotten with the juice rather then filling a tank ? (sorry its all rather new to me still)

  6. Mike you made me go out and buy this RDA.👍🏻 the way you reviewed this drop RDA . I love it real nice set up the vape is amazing thanks they really did a great job …👍🏻

  7. I was looking for non-velocity style build deck RDA that had non-twistable rda cap 4:16. To this day I cannot believe that piece on the base doesn't have a term for it yet. I believe VGOD's PRO RDA was the first to implement this and it should be standard.

    My two gripes with RDA_Digiflavor_drop are:
    1. O-Rings are used on the base (Vgod's Pro RDA doesn't)
    2. Squonkability only means that replacing the pin to NOT squonk would have leaks to your mod (dangerous for mech mods).

    So, unless someone can prove there isn't any leaking when using this Drop RDA non-squonk so I would drip my juice instead then i'll get it as the O-Rings is something I can just deal with in the end.

    Any ideas?

  8. Does anyone else have a problem with this thing spitting when you hit it? It looked so rudimentary I just dropped a build in, nearly identical to the one Mike uses, and it's a hot fucking vape. I'm running a .02mm DC build with clapton kanthal, right around 65 watts because at 80 the cap got too hot.

  9. SOMEBODY HELP! i dropped the tiny screw that holds the negative post in place in a chair and it is unretrievable. does anybody know the size or type of screw this is? i was gonna go to a hardware store and look for one but i cant find the dimensions of the screw anywhere! also if anyone knows where i can get a replacement screw it would also be helpful.

  10. i just bought this atomizer, then i watched most review about this and all are true couz im enjoying this rda big up peace..!!!

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