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The Hundies E Liquid Review 5-100 Spots!$


In this video I do a review on the hundies e liquid you can find the hundies e liquid here: for 25$ for 100ml’s

This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review from: h & will NOT change my opinion!
This e liquid is for the people that do not like sweetener. They are not going to gunk up your coils. These are not up my alley.
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Music by: jack elphick

MV88 Shure Mic
Phantom 3 standard edition drone.
Final cut Pro X
Panasonic G7 & 30mm Macro f2.8 lens

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  1. But hey i agree with the mystery air factory that crap is one of my faves right along with unicorn puke by lost art are just yum if you havnt tried that lost art one try it its unique but great

  2. You said the dollar e juice was ok an you say this isnt too good lol an i dont even like the dollar e juice i said i wasnt gonna order the dollar e juice said f it an tried 5 of the 5 mill bottles ummmm fruit pafait was ok the rest no idk what nic they use or they use old nic but that crap spicy not that sweat suprisingly if they would fix the nic or w.e is cause that harsh peppery taste an bad throat hit then the dollar e juice would be good for the price but naw it wasnt even ok to my view….. So this has got to be garbage u said lite 3 or 2.5 then my rating would probaly be 1.5 to 2 lol

  3. I can tell by your facial expressions u did not like these at all lol thanks for the honest review bro I love these juice reviews

  4. Duuuude, I luv you bro!! Lol! Luv the honesty! That's why I stay subscribed and keep on coming back. You and I have similar taste, soooo..Yeeah! This juice!? Gonna have to be a no go! Thanks for sharing this with us though.

  5. I thought at one point in the beginning I thought you were speaking another language. lol What's up with you? Tired? Thanks for the info cause I hate getting bad juice. I just found in my collection a Mr. Donut and it's Mango Blitz and I can't believe how good it is. They did an amazing job it's like a fuck'n real mango I can't believe it and I usually don't like vapes like that because fruit comes out real artificial to me.. But really if you like mango's lol it's pretty damn good… My fuck'n roommate is bugg'n on me cause I'm talking about mango's again… Lol Have a good night.

  6. Love that review I'm glad I never ordered any of that crap before I almost did lol thanks for sharing half assed How bad they are haha

  7. Too much shit going on in these flavors is right..thanks for the review cause I just saw these for $8.99 I'm glad I passed

  8. Hi
    Another honest review Thanks for that, also I'm really looking for a good unregulated dual parallel box can you mention to two three or 4 of them thanks so much


  9. Hey bro you need to check out The Sauce LA they have great flavors that are sweet but still don't gunk coils up. I think you would enjoy Caramel Waffle Cappuccino and Open Road which is a caramel rice crispy treat flavor.

  10. Not being too sweet is a great thing for me. I'm 38 and even as a kid I never cared for sweet candy even. Cant even eat a birthday cake unless it has whipped icing. So yes this sounds great. Plus sweet vapes cake my fused claptons extremely fast. Then you have to clean them and waste a 1 day old wick job or else you're tasting that burnt build up on the coils. I'll check these out man thank you brother.

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