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The replacement BMW E46 Project car build is here!


We got a new 2000 BMW 323i for the giveaway! It is soooo much cleaner in almost every way!

Check out to learn how to get entered for a chance to win!
Grand Prize is the Truck, Trailer, Car and $3000 cash!
1st prize :
BR Series Coil covers from BC Racing. Estimated Maximum Retail Value: $1,050usd.
2nd prize: Set of 4 Konig Wheels. Estimated Maximum Retail Value: $1,000


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Outro Song! – Echo (Ft. Bahar Dopran) by Lakuno


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  1. Go the M.A. livery on the white e46, make the black one into a drift-truck and put the diesel into it to be different with exhaust running straight out the hood. This way all your trucks will be diesel pushers!

  2. i think white, silver stripe, and black rear livery would be cool. Can be recognized as the "giveaway car" instead of just a white bmw. Could vinyl wrap the livery on it so it can always be taken off to be all white too.

  3. collab build it with denofa for his drift school you do the body work and motion auto livery. have him complete mechanical, and suspension. obviously find a way to make it make financial sense. maybe make it a vr instruction car mount cameras so you can remotely teach drifters through a heads up display in the dash.

  4. Do the livery in vinyl wrap instead of paint. That way the new owner can decide whether to leave it on or remove it.

  5. Love the white color of the e46! Would be awesome to see the process of this car getting polished! My own e46 coupe is also full of swirls

  6. Really nice car Trevor! I love these kind of bmw's, the e46 is one of my favorite and the e36 too. leave it in this color this she's perfect!! 😍😉

  7. BMW E46 drift pickup with Mercedes engine! Well, that would be pretty sick and unique car on the track. Not a typical project and it will be a MotionAutoTv promotion car. And we need that very detailed with some dope ideas, and crazy parts.

  8. Give them both away so the winner has a parts car. The average person doesnt have loads of money to dump into a drift car.

  9. I want to see the 510 next after giveaway, I think it’d be cool to see you turn that into a autocross grip style build with aero and all that or like a hill climb style build. I just really want to see a grip car build from you that handles all kinds of track events. Just my 2 cents.

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