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The Rockville RT5 Aluminum Tweeters in a custom Corvette build (DEMO)


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Lets talk about underrated parts of a Car / Pro Audio builds. Tweeters. Yeah we know Bass and Mids are so much more exciting because you can both feel/hear them so much more clearly and when a system has the low end shaking there is no way people are going to ignore it. BUT adding some well built tweeters to your setup will increase the overall clarity and balance of your system. But now what does it mean to be well built? It’s all in the components and the design. These 2 inch Aluminum Tweeters have a Titanium Diaphragm that have a 1 inch Die Cast Kapton Voice Coil, that has Ferro Fluid Cooling. These are all a recipe for crystal clear highs that do not bleed, but can handle their own in the midsts of subwoofers and mid woofers. The other beauty about these tweeters is its mounting and installation. At 1.6” mounting depth these tweeters don’t take up much real estate in your vehicle, ON TOP OF that the speaker wire terminals were designed for easy mounting. They were designed to be flush with the magnet so you don’t have to make any additional cutouts around the Tweeter “ears”. We wanted to test all the claims we were making with these tweeters so we threw them into a Corvette amidst two subwoofers and 4 Mid Woofers, and the results were well… Watch The Video Above.

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