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The vApe Team Episode 177 – Don’t Vape Alone


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If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can watch The vApe Team. Join YouTube Vape reviewers The Vapor Chronicles, Mike Vapes, and VAPNFAGAN as they host a weekly live vApe show! Products, builds, politics, helpful chat, giveaways,vooping and so much more. They might even have a surprise guest or two. Watch the spectacle unfold as three VAPE reviewers let you look behind the curtain as they share their knowledge, antics, and love of vaping LIVE.

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  1. Great show guys! Always enjoy watching. Out if all my mods, the VV Charon has out lasted, out performed them ALL! IT has taken a beating too. I use it daily. Wish they all were built like it!

  2. Guys I have to be honest I watch you guys when I get home from work and enjoy the show a lot. When I'm hearing ppl so disrespectful about the giveaways I'll be honest it makes me sick.great show carry on what your doing and I fucking love ya

  3. Amy did a great job on the format for this one guys I liked that it had a little bit of direction. To the 16 dislikes : SUCK SUMTHIN

  4. Okay the Alexia bit made me laugh out loud ….bad. That was some funny shit. The look of panic on Marks face was classic. Great show guys

  5. Brian: "Yes Mark, Canada, The 'state' that's right above you!" … Burnnnnn… Failed. lol

    And to be fair, for those of you who are geographically hindered this is a fail because Canada is a country, not a state… thank you…. "thank you" .. thank you

  6. Those straight, narrow 810 tips from the drop and btfc are basically the old school Kennedy tips. Dhd/ double helix designs sells em for like $10 and there's a ton of colors to choose from

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