Tracker Vitara Off-Road Budget Build (DIY RedNeck RZR)

rate comment share subscribe & check out my other videos! DIY Redneck RZR buggy, junkyard Parts list : i used rear springs from a 2004 Ford Focus wagon, installed in the rear of the suzuki. I used 1980s Ford Mustang rear shocks, installed in the rear of the Suzuki. Up front I used struts from the rear of a 95 Grand Prix, installed into the front of the Suzuki. And the front springs are from the front of a 4door tracker / vitara. I used two isolators on each front spring, separated by a large steel ring for extra lift and ride comfort. I used some swap meet fog lights and a UTV winch installed into an ATV winch bumper, mounted to the factory Suzuki steel front impact bar.
Cheap Truck Challenge, Homemade lift kit, DIY SXS RZR buggy, backyard build, built not bought, MrJohn613 builds, hoon, mud, 265/75/16 MTR




    Need to see more about this Tracker. Decent build!!

  2. Xiko Christensen says

    how big was the wheels? 31''? and did they ever rub?

  3. 808trailfinders & Rock huntahs says

    Nice move

  4. 808trailfinders & Rock huntahs says

    Does that winch pull you out of tough spots

  5. 808trailfinders & Rock huntahs says

    What kind of struts are those??

  6. Blanco Beardio says

    how does it handle ob highway

  7. canadiantbone says

    This is very help full, thanks for the info !

  8. serge j says

    good job there good little truck just shitty front differential easy to break

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