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  1. thomas sigmon says

    Can ues my goon rda

  2. ICONIC SHEEP says

    awsome review as always mike lovely dip tip you put on there mike thats a cheap mech about the same price as the dip tip you put on it lol looks dope mike

  3. Sheridan Conner says

    hey mike take a second look at the mod switch the original contact out with the contact in the vcm2 mod hits even better

  4. MechanicalMonkey84 says

    Hey Mike my brass just came today .. I got number 60 which seems like a super low number since this is mass produced in china and being sold all over the world … mine has a few scratches and shit and especially around the bottom where the tube would sit on a table it's fukin butchered with scratches like wtf … man o man … plus I think the one FAGAN reviewed that had no venting looked so much more premium with all the engraving weighting on the top 510 and the button engravings … I'm glad they added venting but why change the beautiful engravings on top and the button… I prob got a low number because they just picked it up off the factory floor and shipped it it was an early one that got slaughtered… fml threading is real nice though

  5. MechanicalMonkey84 says

    Put some 3in1 oil on those threads mike jeeezussss

  6. Panaiot Uzunov says

    I'm thinking about buying the iCon RDA and a mech. Do you think this will be a good match for it?

  7. John Manier says

    Nice looking mech for sure n I love color black to black n red personally think I'll grab that up thanks mikey

  8. Archie Ruiz says

    The RDA surely a restrictive hit not a fan of those. Thanks Mike.

  9. The Darkwolf Files says

    The first mech mod review I've seen in a while, I like the set up, though I'm not big on top or bottom air flow. Will at least look into the mod though.

  10. JoshuaApathy Miller says

    pliers is the word you were looking for. looks like another decent chinese product, id take one.

  11. Michael Kahl says

    was waiting for a mech mod 🙂

  12. Mikey M says

    did you say where it was designed and manufactured?

  13. Juan Ortiz says

    Mike let me get that brass one

  14. javier natanael says

    Indonesia Punya

  15. Charles Kirby says

    nice review mike. thanks,.

  16. RJ Reid says

    Nice looking mech mod for sure, decent price too. Nice review Mike!

  17. Ryan Reynolds says

    why use a mech mod?

  18. David R says

    Great review Mike, thank you

  19. Georgia Trammell says

    Another awesome review Mike, I really like that mechmod but not completely comfortable with them yet! #showthemreviews

  20. Ralph Worley says

    Great review Mike don't see many mech mods

  21. LeRoy Sanders says

    great review Mike, this sure is a nice looking mech, love the way you hold your thumb on this mech. like the finish looks. Keep on Vaping My Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. LeRoy Sanders says

    great review Mike, this sure is a nice looking mech, love the way you hold your thumb on this mech. like the finish looks. Keep on Vaping My Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. tedcharp says

    Everything looks sexy with the Icon. I'm loving mine. Great review Mike. Thanks

  24. otniel setiawan says

    honestly, im newbie with mech mod…
    i just afraid its gonna blow my face off… lol
    btw nice for hell vape and you Mike…

  25. Chris Braun says

    looks like quality mech!

  26. Wolfman 1949 says

    Mike I my self like mechs but for me there fore home a lot of drippy to but there the taste is great I only have one and I use a Kennedy and it works great. Wolf..

  27. Daniel F. says

    Any hot button issues????

  28. Chucca Cloud says

    Mike that is a hot mech. Maybe that RDA is not in production. Which is why you can't find it. They want to know what you think about it first.

  29. mike c says

    good review Mike never tried a mech mod

  30. Dustin Richards says

    Glad to see they added some venting. I was interested when Fagan reviewed it but without proper venting it was a no go for me.

  31. Pantellco says

    hybrid ok I think it's nice looking

  32. t72 says

    Mike, can you answer these questions?

    $282,788 USD
    raised by 1,372 people in 8 months

    What has happened to all this money?
    Has Greg saved vaping in the USA?
    Has it been divided up between the YouTube channels that promoted the campaign?
    Have all the donors been ripped off?

  33. addy tuney says

    thanks Mike!

  34. Wonderful Life says

    purdy, thanks for the review Mike

  35. westor7 says

    I prefer first VTC6 rather VTC5A and also VGOD Pro Mech is MUCH BETTER than this shit… sorry but it's only the true!!!

  36. White Bread says

    Mike do you know when myvpro is gonna ship the icon. im waiting like in anticipation to get the thing lol

  37. jason budd says

    Luv it Mike. Very well priced Mech. I'm very tempted to get one. 👍

  38. socratesthecabdriver says

    that black finish on the mod is amazing

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