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Trying My First Zipper Build


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  1. The metallic purple Efest cells are fine – they have to take some kind of prize for their response to Mooch's criticisms, and have moved from a bad joke to being on his recommended list.
    That juice would require the Geek in me to vape it on a 0.314Ω build, even if it were a pair of them in parallel to get it down to a better resistance. 🙂
    You know that those zipper builds helix beautifully?
    If you put two identical resistors in parallel you halve the resistance, if you put them in series you double it.
    Sorry I missed you live, but the painkillers I'm having to take for the hole in my leg are kicking my ass.
    I think the return of the pain is a promising sign, but getting through it is not a lot of fun.
    Best of luck on the school bus driver interview – it sounds promising.
    If you have two good bananas you are definitely over-endowed.
    And adding the peanut butter to the banana means you are already DIYing, or at least on the first rung of the ladder.
    Why not just make a DIY DNA (250C, for preference) box mod, and get whatever you want painted or engraved on the box just prior to final assembly? It would be cheaper than having the whole mod custom made by a large margin.
    Nick Devine has presented the Coils wars this year – he came 3rd the first time around, and does awesome building tutorials on his channel.
    We don't have to add our own nicotine in the UK, it's just that you can't sell nicotine containing liquid in bottles over 10ml (nor can liquid be sold over 20mg/ml), so the common option is to sell 60ml bottles with 50ml of liquid in, and add 10ml of unflavoured nic juice afterwards. 1/6th of the bottle at 18mg makes a 3mg liquid.

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