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Tuck Shop Apple Sours | Brand New E-Liquid from Vape Dinner Lady | Review


Thank you so much Vape Dinner Lady for sending out the product featured in today’s episode of OverDoseVapes and you can find it at: #Dinnerlady
We review on a 0-5 scale
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Intro Music By HesH
Created for OverDose Vapes
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  1. Thanks for giving these a chance and a proper review. The video with the fast tasting on top of each other was … Well let's forget that one now. Dinner Lady has also relased some 50/50 versions of some of their flavours. Interestingly that it differs which liquids I find best in their 70/30 or 50/50 blend. Like strawberry custard that is dead boring vape in 70/30 and shines being vaped mtl 50/50. The other way around with the mango tart.

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