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Tutorial: E-Cig/Vape Starter Kits


Jenee “Vape Girl” Fowler shows us what you should know when buying your first Ego style vape kit.

Visit the Henley Vaporium online at http:/ for more info on e-cigs, mods, and all things vape.

Filmed at the Henley Vaporium in NYC
23 Cleveland Pl
New York, NY 10012

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Instagram: thehenley

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  1. Good god, when i first watched this without my specs i thought she had 3 hands…. thought id stuck something wrong in my vappey thing, good vid, great hair

  2. Have a Henley vape and it just blinks 15 times whenever I press the button. Charged it for several hours and still the same thing happening. Also tried clicking the button 5 times. Any advice?

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