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Uwell Crown IV Kit & Crown Mesh Coil Review & Score One!


I do a review on the uwell crown iv sub ohm tank. purchase it here: 99.99$
Here: for 65.90$
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UWELL Crown 4 Kit features exquisite craftsmanship design and fashionable looking. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries and can fire up to 200W maximum output. It equipped with the new generation of UWELL circuit board which provides you stable and safe vaping. The Crown 4 Kit support regular power mode and temperature control mode that can extend span life and protection. The fire button on the mod gives a sleek look and provides improved gripping. As for the UWELL Crown 4 tank, features 6ml e-juice capacity with patented self-cleaning technology that can absorb the e-juice and reduce leakage. What’s more, the UN1 Coil with 0.25ohm rated at 55W to 65W, and the UN2 Coil 0.23ohm with an output range 60W to 70W. Also, it is compatible with a dual SS904L coil for your option. Top-filling design and adjustable bottom airflow system make it easy to fill. Using Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology bring great vaping experience with the satisfying flavor. UWELL Crown 4 kit is a wonderful vape kit that can satisfy great vaping experience and visual enjoyment for you at the same time. 6 colors are available.

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  1. I like the fact the door is solid, the screen is simple, and the tank looks good (I have one but not silver or purple). I haven't tried the mesh coil yet, so please send one this way and I won't have to steal your backpack.

  2. G-priv 2 luxe kit is way better. Just buy the dual or tri mesh coils separately. This is a upgrade for Smok sticks but a downgrade for the priv2 and species kits.

  3. I am a big fan of the Crown 3 tank – I have had many different tanks and now use the Crown 3 tank exclusively – I would love, love, love to win the Crown 4 kit to try and upgrade my vaping experience!! My favorite is the blue color one!!!

  4. I really like design of this mod and tank, I was looking for something like this. I haven't tried mesh coils but i have heard mixed opinions. I'm still worry about wattage range of the coils i think they could improve this.

  5. Love the kit the colors look vibrant and I agree they should of had different mesh coils but it seems like they had the R&D on the ss904 and had to scramble to get the one mesh coil they have out. I expect to see more very soon. Thanks for the video.

  6. Would be freaking amazing to win one of these bad boys! But the kit definitely needs to come with the mesh coils! I'm not sure why they didn't just wait on the kit so they could include them!

  7. Thanks for the chance to win. I think it looks like a decent kit. I agree it should have came with 2 different mesh coils. Mesh is the way to go.

  8. How would the purple drop dead look on top of that purple crown 4? I agree about coming out with more different coils with higher wattages.

  9. Great review D! Luv the blue kit!!
    Not happy about NO MESH!! Luv the batt doors NO rattle! Luv batt indicator also, 1watt increments😀
    All ur vids look GREAT!! Ty 4 chance even tho i wont win lol👊

  10. Nice kit. I 💯 agree though, Coils should definitely go above 100W, maybe some 0.2ohm for 50W-80W & 0.1ohm for 80W-120W. Thanks for the review Derek. NOT AN ENTRY 🇬🇧

  11. Like that the battery door is strong on there. Great looking mod too! Like the percentage on the battery indicator. like the wattage WITHOUT the .10 shit. Assembly of the glass on tank is unique, simple. With you on the resistance of mesh coil & wish they would include them in the kit.
    Video seems like it's more detailed for some reason, although your vids are always spot on.
    Would really like to win one!

  12. Thank you for the in depth review. Currently have the crown 3 and and Nunchaku tanks both are fantastic! Crown 4 kit is the whole package by your review. Sub ohm +mesh is delicious! Thanks

  13. Yes that purple is gorgeous….i agree with what you were saying about the mesh coils. That 60-70 watts range is not as good if they did a 60-100 watts. A lot of mesh coils I've noticed are like that. They have 1 coil pre installed that goes higher and all the other coils are too low. I like a 80 to 100 watts range so lower range sucks lol either way Go Patriots and have a great day guy 🌲🎅

  14. Nice little kit. I haven't tried mesh coils yet but I've been wanting to. I agree they should have used resin panels instead. And as always another great review.

  15. I think this is a dope set up!! I would love to try it and give it a vape or more!! Would be really awesome to try with the mesh coil and see how well it's made up. The Silver is nice, but being a girl, I think the Purple is kickin'!! Thanks for the review!! Loved it!! Stay safe and have a blessed holiday season!!

  16. This kit is beautiful! love the design of the Crown logo on the kit, especially for the gold one. And I'm good with 60w to 80w, not a high wattage vaper, but of course It would be better if uwell gives us more choices on mesh. However, as a huge fan of the Crown series, I'm hoping this mesh won't disappointed me. Thanks D

  17. Thanks for the review and chance bro! Really hope they step up their efforts with the mesh situation, but at least they'll be for sale. I love what they have put out and think the mesh situation is a mess and could definitely hurt sales. Thanks again man

    Edit: I also really wish they had squared off the bottom so it wouldn't be so tipsy. With a full tank on top I can see myself knocking it over a smashing that bubble tank way too easily. Imo, it looks way better with straight glass anyway, so that may help. Love the looks of this tank!

  18. Good review D…My girl loves mesh…and wants a purple mod…I wanna try wanna these…thanks for the chance bro…less then 2 weeks till my semester is over!!…Chemistry for Engineering will be done!!!!!

  19. Love the purple one. Idk why but I like the design on it, love that they put the rubber feet on it. Even though green is my favorite color I have been rocking purple for lupus awareness since being diagnosed. Great review Derek. #stayhalfassed #ambitionzvaper

  20. Great video, as always! Hubby has been using a silver crown 3 on an old beat up blue and black alien mod, so looking to get him a new kit for Christmas. And, really love this one. Still haven’t tried mesh coils. Thanks for the chance. Would love to win this!

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