Van Val Vapor ~ Eliquid Review ~ Actually 8 flavors!!

Join me for some vaping action as I review 8 flavors from Van Val Vapor. Purchase them by visiting: .
The flavors being reviewed are: Fathers Load, Skrilla Vanilla, Titty Sprinkles, Minds Garden, I’m Not Addicted, P-Nut Butta, Albino Rhino, and Dolphins Milk.
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  1. Monsta Munch says

    Last time I bought cheap eliquid it was from VapeWild and none of it tasted good, the flavors were just too weak despite being pre steeped. Makes me hesitant to try more cheap stuff.

  2. vapeing slav says

    Clearly 8 liquidsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Heavy metal chainsaw - says

    Flux Deluxe is beast. I just made my first order last week and definitely impressed. Better than Vape Wild, at least. I love a lot of VW liquids, but they're stuffed with sweetener and over-flavored, even at max VG. Just needed a break and Van Val is a great alternative so far. Thanks for the review.

  4. Daniel Sandoval says

    Don't taste it bro

  5. Loren Robertson says

    For the price I'll just do my own DIY. I do like some store juices that are affordable like Bisket Vapes, and the budget vapes The Dollar Juice Club. I'm too scared, and some of the names are a real turn off for me too. I'll pass, but thank you for going for it!

  6. Dr PennsylvaPia says

    I can't remember how the hell I got to the Van Val website tonight but I did get there. Normally I research a juice line or juice flavor in a line I have not tried yet. It is so hard to find an excellent vanilla e juice. What I should say is a vanilla juice that I THINK is excellent as it only applies to me. Maybe my idea of vanilla is radically different than the masses because every time I find an amazing (to me) vanilla juice they go out of business within a year. The last nearly perfect (for me) vanilla juice was High Roller Sweets. AMAZING juice but like the 3 companies before them they folded nearly a year after I found them. So when I see a vanilla liquid that is new to me I almost always research and then buy it even if the reviews were not that great because of how subjective taste is. I have found some amazing juices from the small business "mom and pop" juice companies. In fact most of my favorite juices come from the small single owner companies because the owners usually make all of the juice the quality is more likely top notch. This one I just read what the description was and impulse bought the biggest bottle they had of the Skrilla juice. $25 plus 10% off is what I paid so in the end it really is not much of a risk and it may be a huge find (for me) if the juice has the flavor I am looking for. I do not see many vapers that love Vanilla half as much as I do and I never could figure out why. MY POINT. Andy you keep reviewing ALL the juice that I can't find a review for. I have come here dozens of times to specifically get YOUR take on a juice line or a flavor. I do not often comment here but I am a frequent flier and I really appreciate the work you do. Sorry for the novel sized comment. That is the other reason I do not comment much here, I just can't STFU some times. Thanks again.

  7. Issac Newton Reborn says

    I have been using Blovape in my eGo AIO. I believe they are a 60/40 blend. Unfortunately, their customer service doesn't just suck, it is nonexistent. Would the Van Val work for my unit?

  8. VapePassion says

    Good reviews Andy! By the way, what kind of mic setup do you use? Sounds great

  9. Mitch Green says

    these juices are not presteeped. on their site it states they are freshly mixed before delivery and they recommend that you steep them before use.

  10. Mech Mod Mike says

    Thanks KJ Andy-O you are the real deal Bro!!!!!

  11. Jamie C says

    hey Andy . Remember me.Jamie C ? The work release guy from the south? Man I messed up at work release and got shipped back to a Max camp cause of drugs. I'm back now and looking forward to enjoying your videos again.Glad to see you hit over 4k. Hope all is well and when I get my money right I'll buy a mod and start vaping again. I have alot of reviews to catch up on.Lol. I hope you remember me I think I was like number 44 to join your channel.Take it easy dude

  12. Bill marsh says

    gotta love those prices, will have to try them out Thanks Andy

  13. Kev. W says

    Nice one Andy for the review , great stuff man.

  14. tom e gun says

    good honest review as always, good job Andy, i mite check out some of their vanilla juice.

  15. Granny Vapes says

    Thanks for cluing us in on these e-liquids. As always great reviews.

  16. MisterBassBoost says

    I enjoyed the video! Keep it up!

  17. Robyn Lareau says

    I like his honesty to bud if you see this you make good reviews

  18. Robyn Lareau says

    You make me wanna try them all lol I only tried tobacco flavour I just quit smoking actually I'm ok with 12 mg nicotine humm which one should I buy every time this guy makes a review I get hungry I like how he rates them 1 to5 I like that even the taste test unless I try them all the price is good I'm in Canada but I'm tempted

  19. Andrew Grignon says

    Hey Andy.. Ok so I love watching your reviews.. with that being said, if you had to vape 1 strawberry and cream eliquid for the rest of your life, what would it be? I cannot go a day without vaping Archangel by Super Charged Heaven or S+C2 from Vapewild but I wanted your opinion on maybe something that I would of never tried before. appreciate any info you could toss my way.. from one Andy to another, thanks brosive.. keep on vapin

  20. Moses says

    Thank you Andy for the review, It sounds like Van Val Vapor is doing some pretty good flavors, particularly for the price point. Nice job my friend, thumbs up.

  21. Nate Richardson says

    idk how i feel about the name "fathers load"…..

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