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Vandy Vape Bonza Mech Kit Review – ….g’day…


The Vandy Vape Bonza Kit is a new tubular mech device from Vandy Vape and the creator of the original Bonza RDA, The Vaping Bogan. The Bonza Kit is a 27mm diameter 18650/20 and 21700 mech along with the newer Bonza 1.5 RDA.

As always with a Vaping With Vic review, you know that I have tested this item for at least a week, instead of reviewing it the day after it comes in…this channel always tests items first before reviewing.

═╣ Vandy Vape Bonza Kit ╠═

01:45 ◄ Unboxing and Close Look
03:37 ◄ Controls and Screen
11:54 ◄ Temp Control & Wattage Vape
13:27 ◄ Thoughts


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Vaping With Vic is a self-employed review channel covering the market for electronic cigarettes (ecigs). Here on this channel, you will find me reviewing everything from small “starter” kits to help folks kick the tobacco habit, all the way up to the larger devices.

I received this product free of charge from the vendor or manufacturer for the purpose of review. This review is my personal experience with the product. As always, look at other reviews of the product to form your conclusion before you buy.


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  1. Great review vic…. I am still not keen on mechs but bogen did a great job on that one 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍💨💨💨💨💨💨

  2. Great review vid… I applaud brogan for doing away with the bull crap GOLD PLATING and gold plating screws that end up flaking off and you end up vaping … … decks should be pure stainless or stainless with silver plating of anything atleast silver has benefits .. but steel is best!. Throw in a 30t or 40t Vic! 18650’s in mechs went out of style with man buns and he hives lol

  3. Yo guys I have been waiting for this to release. I have been told it wouldn't release until december 23rd. So what reliable site can i get this from if i am in the US?

  4. Thank you for your review.
    However Vandy Vape deserves a slap for using a Coily Tool clone in some of their products.
    I call to buy only Vandy Vape clones as long as they use Simons design!

  5. The original design also had teeth on the clamps but they beefed them up and made a track to stop the clamps from spinning out and one of the other big improvements with the 1.5 is that you can adjust the airflow with a step down system but you can also close it down in the other direction and the barrel is notched to the deck so you can still line up your airflow to the center of the coil. But great video vic!

  6. Thanks Vic! Personally I would have not split the mod in two due to the fact of the line So I'll not add one to my collection. Apart from that it's ok.

  7. Omg so weird! I've been looking at this loads and kept thinking "why hasn't Vic done a review of it, I wanna see a Vic review of it" ….enter notification

  8. Hi Vic , i must say that you are a real geek , after the snoopy references you are wearing a "star treak" shirt ?!? tell me i'm wrong please …lol . Peace from france

  9. Amazing value for money and with the safety measures, this might tempt people to dip their toes into the mech tube scene for the first time.

  10. Love the fact that they kept the price low. Way too many overpriced mechs on the market. Well done Sam and Vandy Vape. Thanks for the review Vic.

  11. The first mech I've properly used and I absolutely adore this thing. Lovely well built mod and a stellar RDA. For £60 it was a bloody steal.

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