Vaptio Super Bat 220W Starter Kit Mod Review and Rundown

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This is a (p)review of the Vaptio Bat Kit mod, this is a dual battery box mod and tank. The tank that comes with the kit is decent, but the mod itself isnt bad but it isnt great.

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★ Rating: Low

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  1. anthony san martin says

    I'm seeing this on vape cheap for like 24.00 or something a pretty good deal. Doesn't look bad to me



  3. ryan B says

    They just came out with a new duel 18650 same screen and its about as big as the Wismec gen3 duel.. no LED's. not the best color options but still looks pretty sick. i ordered one. its called the Vaptio Capt'n.

  4. Jimmy Crackorn says

    I made the mistake of reading the comments. It was a challenge to not attack the stupid I saw. I'm on the side of the smart though. Good review 👍🏾

  5. Simon Morala says

    There's no way there will be a review talking like this.. But if it does happen that will probably erase the memory of how Jai's jammies look like.

  6. Alejandro Mac Donald says

    “Hazers”?? How old are you? 5?? By the way… how much does it cost to buy subscribers??

  7. Qasim Shah says

    Fuck u

  8. Dakota Thieme says

    Lmao bat's… Or men. I'm going to go with that he likes men with them fucked up eyebrows

  9. Andre' Beck Røed says

    Great Review, Jai

    Not for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this Kit

  10. Dan the Man says

    These companies are marketing to young people. My nephew and his little friends ( some younger than 18 ) love these led devices. Most of the vape shops around here will sell to minors, and they are the ones buying these devices. What do I do when a 17 year old wants to quit smoking and want to try vaping?

  11. steven belmont74 says

    Thanks Jai I agree I 'm not a fan of led lights all over my mods.


    it is said "vapzio"

  13. MechanicalMonkey84 says

    That mod is so gay… what are these companies thinking… it looks like a Batman walkie talkie for kids …, asshole companies

  14. Chris Whitock says

    6:51 Whenever you say "some LED's" it sounds like you're saying "Smelly D's" lol. Dunno why but I crack up every time I hear it.

  15. Chris Whitock says

    I can see someone over at Vapito anxiously sitting at their computer sounding out words trying to figure out how to spell them. Looks like they're gonna need a new job.

  16. John Hutchison says

    "There's no way that is for adults." Thanks CY.

  17. Jason Lemaster says

    yeah im not.feeling all the mods.with the speed odometer screens either…or the LED lights I don't get good enough battery life as is

  18. Oom Kobus says

    "there's no way that's a starter kit" "it has more than 200 watts" …

  19. Vapr4life Jen says

    Vapito..a pizza pie crust mod w meatballs. I've noticed on websites now it's becoming more difficult just to buy a mod no tank. There's actually certain mods that I would've picked up, but I don't like being forced to but an extra stock coil tank that'll sit there. Taco toes..we feel ur pain..thanks for doing these. There still could be a newer vapor that needs a starter kit if we save one person..then that's a win

  20. ashton walters says

    “There’s no way you believe in magic” I love that voice please keep that ongoing lololol

  21. Ken Greenwood says

    Fucking Jai with his Clay milk jammy……hilarious

  22. Abel Rogers says

    Can we get a greenlanter that than changes into deadpool which than turns into its final stage a young Chris Brander

  23. Monty says

    Don't you guys in the USA have age restrictions on vaping?
    Banning flavours because kids might be attracted to it but it's fine to sell girl scout cookies cannabis or blueberry cannabis
    Or lemon haze cannabis Yea because they don't sound appealing to kids
    Then you have flavoured alcohol….. 😂 Only in the USA

  24. Jason Banville says

    1:00. 'There's no way you believe in magic.'

    Dead! 😅😅😅

  25. Michael Rajewski says

    ………cuz he likes bats…….or MEN! LMFAO!! Good thing Santos has a sense of humor cuz that dude isn't tiny.

  26. Erik Schmidt says

    It's all fun and games till the government thinks stuff like this is geared towards the kids. This thing is like Fast and Furious and Batman had a baby.

  27. ET Vapes says

    The tank is pretty dope

  28. ET Vapes says

    The proton from innokin is badass the screen is one of the cleanest screens out

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