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Vintage Bug VW Dune Buggy build Full Wiring setup wire harness install fuse, dash & engine


Quick video to show you have I personally wired up my 70′ VW Dune Buggy build. This is the first time doing this but I took my time, and done it right. I made some upgrades / changes to the universal wire harness kit to match my needs, but overall its a similar setup for all vintage VW buggy builds. This one setup for 12V…..
More videos of first start, and the build coming soon..

Pictures of the wiring diagrams, wire harness kit, and other accessories can be found here:

our new site :

You will also find here custom made wire-harness kits here to help you with your personal builds.


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  1. Good job………..2 things I don't like……..Your dog house is too busy….you should have an alternator….a lot less wiring.You have too much chrome on your engine… is the worst thing to use for heat dissipation….and flat black is the best.Those little engines run pretty hot.  Check out my engine……YOUTUBE video just type   20171124173502

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