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Vooping Review – Pennywise By Clown Serum e liquid review 2014 Voop Reviews


Vooping Review – e liquid review 2014 Voop Reviews

Clown Serum Description:
The perfect blend of strawberry and watermelon with a slight infusion of peach!

All serum comes in a 15mL glass dropper.

Dan A. (verified owner) — May 29, 2014
5 out of 5
I’m always a bit skeptical ordering juice online from a new company, but this stuff was amazing! Great taste, great vape. Couldn’t be happier! Will be buying from again.

E liquid reviews 2014 Voop Reviews :


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  1. as a reviewer i kinda find this appauling that your actually doing a review whilst on the toilet! Your giving a terrible message to the public about vaping! Don't get me wrong its funny and comical in face book groups and what not, but to post it live for the whole world, non vapers included. Your giving us a bad name. This is just the shit the media frenzy needs to make us as vapers seem irrelevant and childish!! We are fighting big fights with deeming tax regulations and bans in multiple states. If you wanna keep "vooping" that premium e-juice at a affordable price I would suggest you take this down! If these taxes go thru and the gov't has their way (which videos like this is going to make it so much easier for them to make us seem irresponsible) your juice would be taxed $0,50-$0.75 per ml of juice!! Thats on top of what the juice companies are going to charge, and the juice companies are going to raise the price as well to cover extra charges to purchase the ingredients to make the juice! So instead of a vooping review, how about you write your local congressman or woman and get in the fight against big tobacco companies instead of making the vaping communtiy seem irresponsible and not give them ammo to not take us seriously!!! C'mon dude use some common sense if you have any!

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