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Vuse Ciro Review


Pros – Well constructed, looks classy, tight air draw if you like that
Cons – Weak Nic, Not much vapor, Tastes like popcorn

In my opinion the Vuse Alto is way better.

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  1. Wondering if you get dry mouth and headaches from any of these products. Been using the alto, juul, and all of these vapes and I feel it dries me out no matter how much water I drink. I know they are known to cause dehydration due to the PG, but just curious about your thoughts on this. I'm really looking forward to trying Philip Morris's IQOS when it become available in the US. Heard this product is insane.

  2. It's all about preference because I like the Ciro way more than alto. It's supposed to be tobacco flavor that comes with it. You must have gotten a bad tank cause Ciro original tastes nothing like popcorn.

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