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WARNING: Wismec Active Review and Breakdown | Indestructible LiPo Box Mod


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This is a (p)review of the Wismec Active box mod. I wasnt going to try and destroy this but I know they were pushing for something that was super strong and wouldnt break easily. I was going into this with the mindset that the bluetooth speaker was going to be a huge gimmick. Little did I know….little did I know

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  1. The play and pause acting weird is because you was using Youtube. I have had bluetooth speakers do that to me. If you used the normal music app it would have worked properly.

  2. Lmfao, you're a hoot. Now I've seen it all in vape devices. "Lipo" ?? That's what you get done to suck excess fat out of your body. Would be safe around me cuz I always drop my mods, multiple times. Good review Jai.

  3. Normally built into Bluetooth settings is double tap the play button to skip track and triple tap to reverse track so that’s why it skipped track on you near the beginning of the video lol

  4. I have one and I love I had the same doubts you did at first till I used it and I fell in love with it it takes a hit and keeps on trucking the battery life is kinda crap but other than that I love it.

  5. I never thought id say this, but i may pick one of these up. I paint apartments for a living and this thia would be perfect for work.

  6. Of all the gimmickey ass mods being put out lately, this is one that i might probably get. Maybe. Most people want a little portable speaker and having that combined with a vape is… somewhat useful.

  7. Good review jai, and about the Bluetooth play and pause. I've owned many Bluetooth speakers that for some reason with certain phones the play and pause do the exact same thing and then with a different phone connected or using the built in music app instead of yt or yt music its fine. Bluetooth can be very finicky that way. I even had a phone that if I was using yt to play music, paused it and then tried to play from the speaker play button it would open my music app and then start playing my library instead of unpausing my already playing yt playlist. Just a possibility I wanted to throw out there.

  8. Thanks for the review Jai. You just changed my mind on this Mod. I thought “How ridiculous!” Now though…. I am thinking of picking one up!
    Thanks again!

  9. Ha Ha! Your frigging nuts!!! Love that!!!!!!! Btw. Where in Jersey you at I live in FL now but from Jersey going there in February to visit my mom… I might stop in!!

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