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Whats the Best VG/PG Ratio for my Recipes? (Beginner DIY E-liquid Tips)


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  1. I have been vaping for 5 1/2 years but only diy'ing my own ejuice for a few months. My flavors run to mostly fruits and I prefer the 60/40 blend. Thank you for teaching and sharing. I really appreciate you. GFY!

  2. I don’t understand why pg isn’t more popular then vg like why would adults prefers “rad clouds” over flavour, better wicking and a better throw hit

  3. I'm just barely stepping slightly into a bit of mixing. I know I was smoking 50VG/50PG at first but a vape spot said is very rare to just find that way already made.. Juice and all already mixed. I just got some VG-PG mixed together with 60/40 ratio. I know I got nic, those VG/PG mix and then what flavoring all different ratios. I did bit of mix late early morning and pretty much first of one. It might be greatest premium but actually not at all bad but sure will learn more with slight more doing. It's little fun throwing some things and experiment with getting great mixture.

    I don't know if so true but young guy at vape shop said 50/50 pre mixed juice better for more the vape style pens but unsure how rings some true.

  4. I don't care about clouds; I'm a flavor chaser. Unfortunately, now, after 3 months of vaping some minor issues bother me. My liquids suddenly taste too harsh, my mouth and throat gets very dry and I'm no longer able to inhale as deep as before. I vape a 50/50 eJuice with 6 mg/ml. I'm bot sure what causes the problems. Maybe the nicotine is too old (purchased about 5 years ago in the USA – I live in Austria)? Or maybe it's the PG? Recently I realized that when I use a 50/50 base and then add the flavors I end up with a little higher PG than intended. What else can it be?

  5. I am about to die , tell my mom that i love her and, that i regret i didn't do my own liquids myslf
    It was not my war rgghghhrhfghjd

  6. BTW… I used Google Translate on the Japanese phrase at the beginning of the video… Worked first time, and it said "Do it yourself or die." That's impressive, in my opinion.

  7. My co-worker who turned me on to vaping (and quitting smoking) makes his own juice. His brother (who is a doctor) told him that PG is really bad for you. So my friend only uses VG. BUT VG is viscous and will burn out your coils prematurely, so he says that he 'cuts' his juice with a little bit of vodka to reduce the viscosity. Anyone else heard of this?

  8. Please leave this reference up here as long as you can. I've been vaping for quite a while now..8mths or so..I know how to build so this was my next step. Diy liquidation is a little overwhelming when you first look into it and you're the only person I could find that had the actual answer to this question. Thank you so much! Keep up the phenomenal job👍💞💥

  9. Can some one tell me how to tone down my too strong flavoured mix. I mix 70/30 pg/vg with 20% mint flavour mix with no
    nicotine but its come out a very minty taste which is too strong. What can I add to tone it down?

  10. Bro you got your shit down. So much knowledge extremely well presented. You actually answered all of my questions. Keep up your excellent critiques in a way. I'm new to vaping and my vape at the time is a Vaperesso Revenger X

  11. What about steeping? Does higher VG need more time to steep? I prefer higher VG ratio in most of my juice because sometimes the throat hit from the PG kinda pulls me away from the flavor… But I'm not a very patient guy and I hate to wait another extra week to have a vape. Is there any way to balance those two factors..? Thanks

  12. I have tried all it seems. If you want huge clouds its 80/20, but you do give up some good taste. Right now I really love Five Pawns juice & they use 50/50 for their more expensive & better tasting liquids. They are a little expensive but well worth the price. Their website does have some specials that helps. Enjoy Vaping!

  13. I find that the higher vg burns faster then 50/50…. also higher vg is sweeter as well… one thing you forgot to mention is that vaping above 28 watts with 50/50 burns your throat alot more then 70/30…. I don't like making all ratios…so I use 60/40 from 20-35 watts… if I go higher in watts I will use 70/30

  14. If max vg for cloudchasing almost no flavor punch. Can i vape just the vg only? No flavor and nic just plain vg.

    Because thats basically it is, i would only waste my flavorings if i make max vg for cloudchasing, i think flavoring would only act as an aroma/goodsmelling vapor, and and it will have very minimal to no flavor at all. Soooooo can i vape vg only if i want just the dense clouds?

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