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Why Do My Mixes Have NO Flavor? (Beginner DIY E-liquid Tips)


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  1. Well..this trying to make my own juice has been a joke..I got like 20 flavors and follow recipes to a tee and they all suck..iv spent around $80 and can't make one that's worth a shit..I'm not trying to make anything new..just trying these ejuice recipes from online…iv mm about to say fuck it and just buy them

  2. Thanks for the advice mate I have been mixing my own juice now for about a year and I have been getting some good results along with some pretty ordinary ones, but I have taken your advice this video and it has made a huge difference in the flavour, so cheers mate.

    Pete Western Australia

  3. can someone help me ? i live in a shitty country and i dont have access to original flavours, anyone knows how i can differentiate between a good flavouring and a bad one?

  4. You could have a small bowl of coffee beans to clear the smell out of ur nose while your mixing up ur flavours for ur ejuice.

  5. I found that if you sniff a bag or can of fresh coffee it actually brings the flavor/ or Tast of you juice back….. No joke try it

  6. Hey Wayne!
    Keep up the good work man!
    Yours is the only pallet I trust and I diy today,purely because I stumbled across an old video of yours and have followed your advice since.
    Much luv dude

  7. Got a mixing question.. so.. i recently got a flavor 10ml bottle.. and the instruction are with a 30/70 pg/vg it reccomends 12%. Does this mean i need 12ml of this flavor to mix a 100ml ejuice? Or does it mean I need 12% of the 10ml bottle (1,2%) per 100ml ejuice? Thanks

  8. Hey awesome video ..just started mixing not too long ago but having some trouble with a certain recipie if u could help..i know ur the dyi guru lol my fav fav fav e juice is vapergates crystal smurf blue raspberry slushy…i got blue raz from tpa blue ras slushi from one stop …but when i vape crystal smurf in my fireluke MESH subohm tank..i get my favorite flavor ..its good in my drippers but my mesh sub ohm i get a light creamy or marshmellow taste to it i bought sweet cream by tpa whipped cream by tpa and capella and i have sweetner by tpa..ive tried to mix my own ..followed a few online but i cannot REPLICATE CRYSTAL SMURF this is my FAV FAV FAV JUICE ..if u could please help me out n figure out the recipe PLEASE let me know..thanks

  9. So i always wanted to get into mixing so i just order some product im trying to clone my friends recipe that he wont let go its my all day vape it is a dragon fruit with watermelon any suggestion will help

  10. I bought a Milman's Churrios, tried on my DJV with ladder coils and cotton bacon, and MAN! it tasted like pure nicotine and a far far far flavor to what it should be. Then I tried with some Alien coils and what a difference!, I pretend to try some other coils and see what happens

  11. I don't really like using Sucralose or ethyl maltol its too sweet and it burns the coils but if i did i would use super sweet from Capella its really strong
    strawberries need time to steep the flavors come out after a week or two sometimes after a month TFA strawberry ripe is good when its fresh it fades away fast but it comes back after it steeps it depends on how much you use Capella sweet strawberry is a bit stronger but its kinda like a candy strawberry compared to a natural strawberry like strawberry ripe
    the regular TFA strawberry is pretty good also and Flavour art strawberry is weak

  12. I have a question. How long does the aroma flavoring usually last? I bought flavoring vg and pg about 6 months ago and whenever I make new recipes they all no taste to it.

  13. Right on man. It's all starting to make rock solid sense 💪🏼.

    It's been 2 days and I know I got perfect flavourings for me seems how I'm new to DIY

    My first 2 bottles are stellar.

    1. Boston cream whipped cream. 👍👍
    2. Orange cream /sweetener 👍👍

    This stuff is soooooooo

  14. Once you've vaped for any length of time you will realize the specific flavor doesn't make a lot of difference. They taste the best first thing in the morning and will always taper as the day progresses. Also, the higher the nicotine level the more it will block out the taste.

    I find it's best to limit the e juices I make to 4 broad ranges. I make a sour tasting one (citrus fruit, lemon, cherry), a sweet one (butterscotch, toffee, fruit), a tobacco flavored one (ry4, pipe tobacco, georgia blend) and a liquor tasting one (rum, grand marnier, kahlua). That's it. I make 4 x 100 mL, one from each category, and vape them for a couple of months until I am getting near ready to make 4 more.

    Chasing specific flavors is a complete waste of time and effort. Chase the clouds instead.

  15. To "cure" vapers tongue…. i started drinking lemon water before bed each night. I cut lemons in half and juice them. Then i freeze the juice in an ice cube tray (about half way full) and add 1-2 ice cubes to a glass of water. Its pretty sour but personally i eat lemons on their own so it doesnt bother me. Hope this helps someone!

  16. I just mixed two nic bullets into a 100ml max vg e liquid and the flavor tastes like nothing I think i need to let it steep

  17. Everything is so misleading and fake. All this suggestions and recommendations…I made 20 batches with top rated recipes from ELR and there's not a single one that tastes right, unless you like vaping anything. I don't understand where from all that positive feedback?! Or maybe people are happy paying less and this makes them believe that the diy juice is great .

  18. i have a real problem with my liquid not having any flavor. i only make single flavor liquids, i bought "flavor art" brand flavors i started with 2% flavor and work up to 12% and it still has no flavor like store bought liquid. i have tried apple, grape, raspberry, forrest fruit, bilberry, mandrin orange….. none of my mixes have any real flavor.

  19. I must have a REALLY fatigued olfactory sense since I tried a bottle when I started Vaping and it was awesome but I have not gotten the same level of taste from that flavor or any other since, and that was 1.5 years ago :p
    Probably doesn't help that most of my life I have had a super bad sense of smell either.

  20. I am doing the same mine have NO flavor. Can some ones show how to mix as the same taste as Black Note e-juice tobacco Prelude??

  21. Thanks for the video I guess I need to keep watching some more I made a couple different recipes and so use the strawberry and some sweetener or something but I taste a strawberry but I never get any sweetness maybe I'm using the wrong kind of sweetener I can't remember what it was you mentioned in your video toward the end thanks have a good day

  22. What is the method you called "force muting" to use after you don't the mistake of over flavoring? I've got 150 sweet mango cap FLAVorah mango koolada and sweetener which taste only sweet like cotton candy is there any chance j can save all that e jiuce ?

  23. Great tips thanks. Lemon sorbet is a good taste cleanser. I also noticed when vaping glas poundcake how the flavour really widened with a slightly hotter temp and more airflow. I got a deeper bassy caramel and the lemon top had a rindy citrus sparkle.

  24. How do you get to know if the its under Flavored or muted because of too much flavour ? Because in both cases its muted

  25. Olfactory Fatigue: The brain simply stops sensing an odor after an hour or two exposure .
    So one should have at least three distinct odors, So you can switch from one two the other.

    I do Vanilla then Peanut butter, then Maple then Cinnamon …
    So when I get back to Vanilla I can enjoy a Vivid Vanilla again.

    If you use all of them at the same time ( a complex recipe)
    then you won't be able to smell any of them for the rest of the day.

  26. I'm having a really hard time with adding such low percentages and knowing I only added .03 when the grad cyl I have isn't easy to tell how much I added without singular lines :/ what do I do? I was reading about a little scale but can it even notice drops?

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