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Wismec Bellerophon RTA Review and Rundown | Futuristic, Bubbly and Amazing Tank


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This is a (p)review of the Bellerophon 27mm RTA by Wismec. I cant remember the last time Wismec ever did a RTA. Wismec is owned by Joyetech and they made the lemo with Eleaf as well as a wide array of other RTAS. So technically this isnt their first RTA. I really enjoyed this tank, the biggest problem is the chimney how it angles down by the deck. I have no idea why they did the chimney like this.

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  1. wow Jay, You're making me want to buy this tank… and I already bought some stuff earlier today… Definitely on my list of chit to buy now. Thanks for the review bud.

  2. The other RTA you’re thinking of is the Manta MTL RTA. I thought that was a great review and it drove me to buy it m and it is greatttt and the you’re right about the air flow and it’s more “leak resistant” design

  3. It is extremely rare to see Jai stunned like that!
    Now I'm looking into this tank; I am wondering if it is possible to get a 4mm ID coil in there?

    Edit: ordered one, gonna find out myself soon enough. Seeing Jai THAT stunned and wowwed is more than enough for me 😉

  4. Hello jai about those orings you don't like silicone orings and prefer rubber well there is a better oring out there made from viathon and we use it in scuba for high heat and pressure in our scuba tanks, if you use it for just vaping I'll bet it will last 3 to 4 time the life of a rubber oring.

  5. I have been wanting to pick this up. I saw it at VaporDNA then I watched a couple reviews and everyone said it wasn't that great. Then I watch Jai (My Dude) Haze and he convinces me back to my gut feeling! Thank you for the reassurance!

  6. What you're saying about airflow is something that hookah smokers definitely notice. When you have two people sharing a hookah the difference in lung power from another person taking quick shallow pulls can burn your bowl if you packed it specific to you when you're a person with deep powerful lungs

  7. COMPLETELY AGREE with ya about the silicone orings! I dont know why manufacturers are STILL using them, like 10 years later when we know they get stained and are not as good as rubber ones. Again well done Jai, thanks for showing this to us.

  8. I like the look of this it looks like it will go nice with my new Augvape Foxy mod ..BTW @JaiHaze you should look to review the new Augvape Foxy mod its pretty badass kinda of like a hex ohm with a screen i was extremely surprised with how well its made & the cool quick release feature it has & it hits fucking hard & fast pick one up you wont be sorry id like to know what you think of it … AUGVAPE Druga Foxy 150wMod

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