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Worst Vape Ever : Mystica Vape Review


I recently was given a gift this is a video of the Worst Vape Ever : Mystica Vape Review.

Usually i am so sentimental about gifts that I can’t help but pretend they are perfect , but this Mystica Vape is Terrible; so bad I had to make this review.

Seriously Worst Vape Ever I have owned.
I couldn’t even help myself from making a video about this thing. So please,
Enjoy this Worst Vape Ever : Mystica Vape Review .. and save your fourteen dollars.


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  1. If there is anyone reading this, who Has left me a comment on another video
    that I have not responded to
    please just know that that is a big YET
    that I have just not responded YET
    but I will be there soon, my good hearts
    and the kind souls

    Love, sincerely, your Jaunty recluse

    (It takes time to make these movies for ya…still working on Methadone and your Health viddy & shot an update yesterday, 666…which I started editing today, too.)

    But please feel free to comment on this video I love talking to YOU All, in All Honesty

  2. I've been using a kangertech to vape. Been vaping steady for 2 weeks now. At first the 18mg Mix I got wasn't cutting it and I needed nicotine sooooo bad…I found a half a Newport outside my clinic the other morning, found a light from someone and smoked it. Yuuuuuck!!! I didn't realize until then how awful cigarettes taste especially menthol, plus the smell…I was like wow I smoked for about 20 years and never noticed either of those negative effects of cigarettes until now?
    I've also noticed I can taste food again! But I find myself still craving at times…especially whenever 18mg isn't enough after certain stressful events/days or when I get annoyed with
    something/someone. In Albuquerque the vape shops had 24mg and 32mg mixes, damn you California for only having 18mgs!!! Gonna keep on the best I can with it though and keep in mind the smell and taste of that last cigarette I had, which will hopefully be enough of a deterrent for me when those cravings come and I wanna grab a pack of Camels before I murder someone or break something while in a nicotine fit….

  3. Congratulations on the 1k subscribers, I’m so glad for you. Your videos are fun and I’m not surprised in the slightest you reached this milestone. You’re only going to grow a lot more, believe in yourself 🌿🍁🍃🍁🍂

  4. “ they must be sponsored or something but I wanted give you a legit human beings review “ lmao I love your humour and personality.. you’re hilarious. Unintentional humour maybe but I think you’re cracking. Liked 👍

  5. good ones here in Ireland are about 20 euros (about 20 dollars),you can get ones for 12/14 euros,they are shit

  6. By the way you should buy a Juul its the best vape out there in my opinion for quiting smoking. Im suprised you havnt heard about it when you go back you should check it out its called the Juul (pronounced JEWL)

  7. when you filled it yp did you waIT 10 MINS BEFORE HITTING IT. WHEN YOU PUT IN A NEW CARTRIDGE and fill it you have to wait 10 minutes before hitting it and let it steep i promise it's not the vape, well it could be a little but I bet ya there are some things you could do to avoid it. If you let it steep and its still burnt then i guess it really is a shitty vape.

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