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Wtf. My Blu Starter Kit?!


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  1. Missed the live show, but think your off base about the price, , ,hell, most kids have more money than us. Maybe they work (doubtful) but parents supply 'em, with cars, cash, etc.
    Thanks, sorry for the rant.

  2. Wow they straight up copied the Bo system. I'm thinking Bo should try to sue for patent infringement. Lmao nuts that look like testicles. The breeze 2 is amazing, bought it a week ago. Carry it everywhere with me now. Highly recommend it.

  3. Ken u gorgeous hunk of a man with that sexy come to bed voice…. I always melt when I hear u 😘 great review. The sad thing about the pod is, it's affordable for the likes of minors and that's not what we want at all.
    Love u muchly 💙

  4. Ken, I bought this online for $1. I gave it to my 30yo step-daughter to get her off the stinkies. I tried the flavor and it sucked! I didn't know they are selling it in gas stations now.

  5. Ken the price is absolutely not the problem the problem is gas stations and vape shops selling to minors! Think about it with a dollar and some change I can go to any gas station and get a 24 ounce alcoholic beverage, a two pack of cigars and sometimes I get coupons to buy a pack of cigarettes for $2 so the price isn’t the problem it’s stores selling to minors. So I’m not trying to bust your balls im just giving you my honest opinion plus if it wasn’t for me getting a blu ecig for like $2 on a promotional at a gas station years ago I probably wouldn’t have ever started vaping

  6. Sorry if i missed it but fyi….those are my von erl. They were bought out by Blu. And i agree…..but they have been doing cheap deals on the cigalikes for a long time now.

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