YoCan Hive Concentrate Vaporizer Pen Review

In this video, I review the new YoCan Hive THC/CBD Vaporizer, discuss all its features and pro’s and con’s while taking some dabs!

The YoCan Hive is a new vaporizer pen featuring a THC Concentrate and CBD / Liquid cartridge and atomizer. This sleek device is an all in one unit that was made for consuming wax oils and CBD discreetly, and contains everything you need to get into vaping. New features include a cartridge window with LED indicator light and the magnetic cartridge slot.

-510 Thread
-Quartz Coil
-CBD Atomizer + 1.8Ohm
-THC Atomizer + 1.0Ohm
Included in the box: CBD Atomizer, Wax Atomizer, USB Charger, Box Mod, And Dab tool

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  1. john doe says


  2. Fabian Perez says

    Do u have to replace the coil for dabs or u can keep using the same one?

  3. Bavarian Master says

    can you put weed or kief in the concentrate barrell. I have one but i dont wanna try it and fuck it up.

  4. Alyssa Lynch says

    Can you use this with the oil tops you buy from dispensaries?

  5. Jared Miller says

    how big is the cloud you breath out?

  6. Jesse Dominguez says

    can you put distillate in the liquid tube or is that too thick

  7. ThatHighGuy420 says

    yo man nice review! ever use the yocan torch? those look pretty awesome as well ! might pick one up

  8. ItalianBC says

    Great review Bro..Killing it.

  9. Weed Videos says

    Good review, cool product. I have not seen one that small. cheers

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