Home DIY E-Liquids #03 VapeCraft Goofy’s Juice By Stafylidis Vladimiros

#03 VapeCraft Goofy’s Juice By Stafylidis Vladimiros

#03 VapeCraft Goofy’s Juice By Stafylidis Vladimiros

Hello vapecraft friends to another presentation of a diy eliquid recipe from a well known mixer in Greece.His name is Vladimiros Stafylidis.It was about on May 2017 where a recipe showed up on elr named as Goofy’s Juice it is a tobacco like liquid I as vapecraft,love tobacco liquids but i have other interests also.

So we will see first and later more precisely what’s going on with with this recipe. I would like to thank Vladimiros (Vlad) for the small talk and his help with some notes that i wanted. in order to make a good presentation and further review.

So let’s see what we have We will need acetyl pyrazine tpa as always in those situations then we will need graham cracker clear tpa note,the clear version from tpa also Then we have hazelnut from flavorwest (fw) an excellent flavor,i will analyze it later Also we will need (something that not always blends with tobacco like flavors) and that was the idea of Vladimiros Peanut butter tpa it is not so familiar here in Hellas it is not our every morning breakfast tastes but i assure you,it pairs very well with this recipe.

but i assure you,it pairs very well with this recipe And,the last flavor perhaps the primary flavor for this recipe, ry4 double from tpa. Vlad’s idea was to create a tobbaco like (TL) liquid and to give an essence of something unusual here as i said before.

That was the Peanutt butter But let’s see it from the begining of the blends. Strating with graham cracker (I have my notes here i didn’t came here unprepared my friends!) so.. let’s have a vape first It is really very good graham cracker is what is written.

Cracker It is like a biscuit dry and crunchy it might have some sour notes.Slightly. it is not annoying,i think is nice on my opinion that’s how i sense-taste it. This note gets rounder as the days go by In the recipe,we will need about sorry not about ,but exactly at 0.

5% It is just nice at this %.Vlad said that he used this flavor in order for base and body to be given in the liquid. Then,we will use the famous ry4 double Ry Double is used in many recipes and for many years.

usually in TL recipes it is a very deep and dark caramel with a tobacco layer. Then we will we will use hazelnut from fw fw’s hazelnut,if we backhand test it or taste it in a small cup of water with some drops (5-6 drops) It is a ‘heavy’ heavy and deep at taste flavor also smells deep and heavy.

But there is also a parallel creamy texture In a small talk that i had with Vlad He told me that he used it in order to give a creamy feel to the recipe and also a nutty tone,perhaps a bit roasted-toasted as i can taste it.

It is a very good hazelnut that blends very nice with other creams and also makes a bridge with the ry double. and most of TL flavors. and is very usefull for our layering and the next flavor in the recipe.

The peanutt butter now. The first version,not the DX version It is a flavor of medium tense Also medium position in the recipe in a correct dynamic range it doesn’t have too much harsh notes it is what is says it is.

Peanutt butter. Blends nicely with the creams and the crusts,biscuits etc In this recipe,blends with graham cracker. Peanut butter is so creamy and tpa has done an excellent job here, that you can feel it in your palate-velum exactly like as real.

So as i told before,there was Vlad’s idea because there were not much similar recipes at least as far as i know. There was some but not with tobacco feel and flavor. So he dared and he did it just fine.

Kudos Vlad. Peanut butter comes with ry double and blending nicely together they make a very good flavor base. And from this point,hazelnut comes over and leads the way escalating the flavor with the ry-peanut butter base and pyrazine blending so delightfull Peanutt butter gives it’s depth notes this scrumptious taste with the ry double we go up and up and the hazelnut comes and takes over and we have something wonderfull here both taste and texture.

and somewhere near it is the graham cracker which is always there because it is part of the base and the body. Hazelnut also makes the flavors rounder and all the recipe generaly. It is a recipe for eliquid that i believe for you that have recently started your diy journey to taste it,to make it it is a few flavors that you will need It’s easy,20 days steeping 3 weeks,it’s the same whatever.

. If you try it while it’s fresh made you might feel some (the first days tests that you try to see how it is going) (how it blends,how it holds)you might feel i say again some sour notes from graham cracker this is only my opinion while i was testing it through the first days But after steeping everything is as i told before.

rounded solid tasty flavorfull with a pleasant smell of tobacco that you will feel at the inhale the ry 4 double and at the exhale you get plus the peanut butter and graham and the roudness of hazelnut.

And here is the story with the BUNK-SHELTER UNDERGROUND They say to you that a big destruction will come,and you have to go to a bunk for a long time to save your self and you can take up to ten eliquids-recipes with you of unlimited volume.

Is Goofy’s Juice one of the ten liquids i will take with me? Yes it is most propably,i like it and yes i would take it to the bunk. That’s for now folks if you liked the video please like share and subscribe for helping the channel.

Thank you very much, and until next time, be well and take care of your selves.Bye!


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