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2 Cherry Diy E liquid Recipes with FA,CAP and INW [Cherry Ejuice]

2 Cherry Diy E liquid Recipes with FA,CAP and INW [Cherry Ejuice]

Welcome back to diy eliquid recipes. Im john and for today I have 2 very good cherry eliquids to share with you. Before Starting I want to say that cherry as a flavor is very weird and hard to work with.

Most cherries available will have a strong chemical taste when used at higher ratios . So If you are trying to make a light and clean tasting cherry eliquid, it will be very challenging to work with that aftertaste.

But If you want to minimize or cover the harsh taste there are a few ways of getting around it. One suggestion would be to use a higher VG ratio in your recipe, usually Anything higher that 60% VG will do it.

Another way is instead of using a lot of one flavor, to layer 2 strong cherry flavors together but at a lower ratio. And the last one would be to use other flavors to minimize or cover the harsh taste.

For todays recipes I used all three ways and the results was 2 very clean tasting and smooth cherry eliquids. The first recipe it is based on the flavor profile of flavourarts Cherry. This is a very nice and clean tasting cherry flavor.

It has a crisp cherry taste and with a good amount of tartness. Also this is not a sweet cheery flavor, so to help it I also used capellas wild cherry. Now this is a lighter in concentration flavor than the flavourarts cherry.

It is also not as sour and a lot more naturally sweet. But you don’t have to get the stevia version if you already have the regular one. Wid cherry is also a good and true tasting cherry flavor. The only downside is that when it is used alone at a ratio higher than 10% it will have a harsh aftertaste so wild cherry is much more useful when it is used lower as an enhancer.

And on the second recipe I used Inaweras cherries flavor that I believe is one of the cleanest tasting cherries available. This time it was used again together with some help from the capella wild cherry.

Here now are both recipes . For the rest of the recipe, I used a little bit of fuji apple from flavourart to add some brightness and a mild fruity taste to the recipe. And Finishing with a little bit of smooth or you can use MTS vape wizard instead, and then 0.

5% of sweetener for some extra taste. Both recipes are very similar tasting and the reason I made 2 is so you can make this recipe with the one you already own. If you don’t have any cherry flavors and you are looking to only get one, then I would probably suggest the Inawera version but both are very good concentrates.

. Now a quick review on the taste of the recipes, When you vape them on the inhale it will have light and slightly fruity taste and on the exhale you will taste the full cherry flavor coming out crisp, sweet and slightly sour.

I would recommend trying these eliquids at lower temperatures that what you usually vape to help minimize any bitterness. All together they are nice eliquids and these recipes can be also used as a starting point for creating your own personal cherry ejuice.

If you make any of the 2 recipes or if you make any changes feel free to leave a comment. Hope you liked the recipes and I will see you again next time.


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