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2 Eliquid Recipe Reviews and Remix [Lemon Tart & Strawberry Fog]

2 Eliquid Recipe Reviews and Remix [Lemon Tart & Strawberry Fog]

Hey I’m john and Welcome to diy eliquid recipes. Todays video will be a little different than the usuall. So today we will be taking a look and reviewing 2 eliquid recipes found online. Both recipes tasted very well when I made them and seem to have very positive reviews online too.

I have included the links for the recipes in the description if you want to check them out too. The first recipe not in any specific order, will be the Lemon tart v4 made by voodootroll and here is the recipe.

It uses 5 flavors and 1 sweetener for a total of 17.5% of flavoring and mixed at 70/30. I used no nicotine in my sample and I steeped for 10 days. The result was a nice lemon and cream eliquid with a good combination of the lemon sourness and the sweetened cream.

The taste comes out very full and strong. Which is a positive but also slowly becomes a negative if you vape a lot of this eliquid since it tends to dry my mouth rather quick. I really like the base and execution for this recipe so if you want something close to a commercial eliquid try it as is.

But I also made a quick remix of this recipe and here is my take. I used the same flavors for the crust base but lower at 1% each with an additional 0.75% of acetyl Pyrazine. The inawera was not bad at 1.

5% but with the combination of 3% cookie it had a bit too much of bread flavor in a sweet recipe, and when you later add the crust flavor in the lemon meringue pie on top becomes even stronger. Moving down, again we continue with the same trend of slightly lowering the flavors and with a final addition of some marshmallow for extra flavor body and to blend a little better all the different flavors together.

This recipe came down to 13.5% of total flavor, and taste wise it is still very good but not as prominent as the original one. It will have a cleaner lemon taste and the creams will be blended much better with the crust flavors.

All together it will be a well rounded lemon cream recipe and you could give a try at either one. So moving next to the second recipe which is strawberry fog by sprectrometer. This recipe is very similar to the first one and for the reason I picked it to remix.

It is a very flavorful eliquid that tastes great but it will fatigue your mouth and flavor buds very quickly. So here is the recipe, as you can see the total flavor of this eliquid is at 20% and is mixed at 80/20.

So I will start first with the creams, it had as a base 3% of Bavarian cream, which is fine but Bavarian cream tends to have a slight cheesy aftertaste when paired with light fruits so I lowered at 1% to keep its profile but boosted it with 2% of sweet cream with is a much more neutral tasting cream.

The vanilla custard at the end was untouched in this case and the only other change was to reduce the strawberry ripe down from 10% to a normal 2.5% and help it with some additional straight strawberry and a little bit of dragonfruit to boost and emulsify.

All together we have a very similar tasting recipe with every flavor included still being from tfa but now with only a 12.5% of total flavoring. This eliquid will have almost as much flavor as the original recipe but it will vape much smoother and with a better body.

As I mentioned before all recipes will be in the description together with my versions below. If this style of video and recipe reviewing is something you would like to see again let me know in the comments, I will appreciate any input on the subject.

Also as always feel free to leave any thoughts and other comments. Happy to see you here once more and I will be back soon with another video.


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