Home Product Reviews 2 Minute Vape Review – Bunkr Apple Strudel Eliquid Review

2 Minute Vape Review – Bunkr Apple Strudel Eliquid Review

2 Minute Vape Review – Bunkr Apple Strudel Eliquid Review

welcome to two minute may previews everything you need to know in under two minutes today we’re looking at apple strudel which is made for bonker by the guys at mana bush those juices provides me by boom vape in Cardiff the link to their websites below in the description this is a brown sugar encrusted apple strudel with a good trissy love maple syrup I have this in three milligram nicotine and it is a seventy-thirty v GP g there’s a nice story that goes with the creation of this juice and it’s basically the steam tea and vape cafe up in nottingham we’re looking for a good juice to accompany the teas and coffees that they were serving so the guys from manor bush got together with them and as a result the apple strudel was born don’t fax for today we’re using the noisy cricket with royal hunting mini on top inside there are jewel clapton 6 wraps each come now to point 5 ohms on the dot and we’re going to be vaping this with the airflow why don’t that’s taken for a vague but first we should probably match why this juice was created favorite productions good the cards are lingering around and the exhale smooth through the mouth and through the nose at three milligram there’s no real throat hit to speak of its smooth all the way through so flavor well on the inhale you are smacked with that apple and sugar the brown sugar just complements it perfectly it’s a really sweet inhale and then on the exhale that brings through more of that pastry undertone through it and finishes off with a maple syrup the lingering taste in my mouth is the maple syrup probably mix still with the brown sugar but it’s definitely a sweeter vapor at the tail end you can draw the comparison between this and one hit wonders muffin man but this is a sweeter vape it has less of the cinnamon and the dough and more of that brown sugar maple syrup coming through it so my final thoughts on this if you have a cup of tea or coffee this is fantastic with it it tastes great for me it beats muffin man it knocks it out the path to be honest with you i’m going to give apple strudel 4.

7 out of 5 if you’re looking for a vape to accompany your morning tea or coffee you’ve just find it scrap that just have it anytime you want


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