Home Product Reviews 2 Minute Vape Review – Charlie’s Chalk Dust Wonder Worm Eliquid Review

2 Minute Vape Review – Charlie’s Chalk Dust Wonder Worm Eliquid Review

2 Minute Vape Review – Charlie’s Chalk Dust Wonder Worm Eliquid Review

welcome to minute may produce everything you need to know in under two minutes there is juice we’re looking at Charlie’s chalk dust the white label range and this is wonder worm wonder worm is combination of crystallized gummy worms along with sweethearts sweethearts were a little bit unknown to us in the UK but they are essentially a sour candy similar to Isle of Hearts so 30 mil bottle it’s an 80/20 I have this in three milligram nicotine and you can pick this up for about 16 pounds at various online stores full facts so today I’m using the able mod from a V with the tugboat version 2 RDA on top inside there are a traps of 22 gauge and a dual coil setup coming in at point 1 8 ohms and we’ll primed and ready to go so let’s take a vape if production is good still plenty of vapor lingering around in this room there’s a little bit of a throw here 3 milligram you certainly know that you’re inhaling something but it’s still fine exhaling through the nose it’s certainly not uncomfortable in any way so the flavour now the flavour is like somebody has put a whole pack of gummy bears into a blender smash them up and pour them straight into your mouth because there is just one overriding sweetness that hits you as soon as you vape this and it’s just this complete amalgamation of all those different flavors there’s also a sourness that runs through this and that’s going to come from the sweethearts you can’t pick out them individually and I wouldn’t know what they taste like anyway all I know is there is a sour element running through this wonder was unique for me because I’ve never really had a juice that is so much like a melted candy it’s super sweet and that’s gonna put some people off overall I’m gonna give it a 4 point 4 out of 5 still get great vapor production I still get a super-sweet vapors that I really enjoy but it’s 16 pounds for 30ml it’s gonna put some people off if you can’t afford it though well worth picking it up


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