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26G Kanthal Parallel Build

26G Kanthal Parallel Build

hey guys sleeping connect back haven’t made a video now in a little while I’m just gonna build a quick build dual para a parallel 26 gauge other where’s my wire 26 gauge Kanthal a one round resistance wire have a 100 feet of it want to use it up I’m gonna build it on the teleme house I’m going to use a warp tronics sx 22 battery I’m not going to show you the wined or anything like that I’m just gonna build it up it’s a traps and we’ll see what it ohms out at and we’ll give that a try today I’m going to use some 30 PG 70 VG juice and we’ll just see how it goes there’s not much new around as far as I can see that excites me I’m looking I’d like to find the ultimate and I don’t know if I already have it or not rebuildable tank as an atomizer I want more vapor at one more airflow so we’ll see how it works okay guys so with this barely fits I’m just going to put it down there tighten up the wires on one side always seems to pull a bit okay let’s move them out of the way take the second batch of wires wrap them around and tighten them up nice and tight okay see I missed one you gotta be careful you don’t mix miss one of the wires if you do it’s just it’s not gonna work take that down again one extra tight okay so they’re the wires done I recommend you keep this post into well here doing that you’re gonna have lots of trouble I’m just going to clean up these wires quickly I’ll speed this up for you guys there we go okay so there’s my my coil let’s focus that can heat that up and squeeze it a bit if you want I’m just gonna leave it like that well ohm it out first and then we’ll throw some rayon in there five so there she is point five well that coil is running the full length pretty much of the cup and I’m hoping there’s enough airflow there too to do that properly I’m going to throw some wick in it now let’s give me a second now some rayon here I’m just going to peel off a little bit so this is how much I’m going to use this time maybe just take a little bit more off here okay so that’s what I’m going to end up with and I’m just going to roll it between the palms of my hands and it makes them flat yeah ends up like that and feed that through as you can see there’s not much resistance this time this is a little bit less than I’m used to using we’ll see how she wicks I’m just gonna pull that to the edge of the channel trim it off again hold it with my finger at the other side so you can see that it does go down partway down the channel if that helps anybody I don’t know that’s just the way I do it and part way down the channel clean that up a bit if I throw some some juice on it a little too much on that side wanna see how well see that wit that right up I thought that was gonna flood it but it licked it right up then I’m just going to tuck that neatly in the channel don’t pressing down too hard so five was there I’m just gonna get rid of those and she looks good so we’ll take it up for a test burn okay so I’m going to throw a robe tronics that’s x-22 in there and let’s just see how she it’s not a tiny bit weren’t you sewn there hopefully you can see that let me focus in on that that’s pretty good I’m just going to throw the chimney slash mouthpiece on my tank in their air flows off I’m using a a 30 PG 70 VG mix van Gogh’s goblet from Jughead CEO and I obviously like this flavor see the size of the bottle just gonna put the okay open the airflow I always turn the airflow the way you would tighten the device just going to open that up right up and one two three okay so I backed it off half a turn so was open four and a half turns I’m getting pretty good vapor excellent flavor let me change the camera angle that’s juicy so let’s see so not bad be a vapor flavor is always good in this teleme house that’s running at 0.

5 remember so it could be 0.5 between 0.5 0.6 ohms getting good vapor if I could I could do those big inhales I could get a lot of vapor for you I could try you know not very good I prefer to mouth inhale than the direct loan inhale so that’s a point five bill on the totem a house parallel 26 gauge Kanthal straightened and cleaned and then wrapped around a three by 32 inch bit which is two point three millimeters fits on there great I just skewed the center posts I offset them and it fits in there great so you should be able to do that was a traps a traps parallel 26 gauge so works well there was a mod I saw RDA I saw the other day and you know what I didn’t catch the name and I can’t find it now but it had four coils four coils you could build on it and it had individual air for each each coil coming from the bottom if anybody knows what that’s called please let me know because I really want to try that one it’s a little bit different the problem I’m having these days is everything and this is no offense to any builders or anything like that but it seems like everything’s pretty much the same and that’s good and nothing’s really new and exciting the vir vir is coming out by the golden Greek the DNA 40s already out which I I’ve seen a few reviews and some reviews gave the wrong information some give it spot on and so I recommend that you watch as many reviews as you can on that the vir is a note yet so I don’t think anybody’s reviewed that a doctor I can’t pronounce his name sorry has been doing some testing with it and it it looks like a good product I’m obviously a fan of the golden Greek stuff when I started I started with the at the pen style and then the old style with the I don’t know if I have some old stuff around this time the atomizers with the it dripped sorry you can see that at the ego-t stuff like that and dripping on the highway was no fun doing 130 on the highway and trying to drip into my atomizer so the tanks the rebuildable tank atomizers were for me but when I’m sitting at home I’d like to try out a few drippers just to see how they they work and that that four coil one I think I could get the tons of vapor from that these aren’t really what people do get them going and getting a lot of vapor out of these but I just can’t seem to get huge huge clouds and that is partially my fault cuz of my lungs and that’s why I quit smoking lung capacity so give it a try it’s it’s a nice build if you like mellow it’s not hot there’s lots of flavor I think this juice all the time this this is a Van Gogh’s goblet it’s absent absinthe flavored juice as long as much and as well as my my butter rum yum butter rum I think they call it those are two of my favorites right now so I’m pretty familiar with the taste and I enjoy it so give this a try it’s worth it’s worth one bill that’s what’s great about the rebuildable you don’t like it this rebuild it so beep safe have fun and enjoy stay off the smokes


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