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3 Flavors Mix #01 – Apple Cinnamon Pie [Simple Full Flavor Diy Eliquid Recipe]

3 Flavors Mix  #01 – Apple Cinnamon Pie [Simple Full Flavor Diy Eliquid Recipe]

Hello and Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m john im an flavor compounder and with this video I would like to start a new series with full flavor recipes that can be made with only 3 flavors.

Even though these recipes might look simple I have carefully selected concentrates that have complete flavor profiles and can create very nice eliquids even by themselves alone. And I will start with the first recipe which will be an Apple Cinnamon Pie.

This is a pastry type eliquid with a thick cinnamon crust flavor and a good amount of apple taste. On the inhale you will mainly taste the apple and a little bit of grain and on the exhale you will get the cinnamon crust together with a hint of sweet apple in the back.

This is a nice balanced ejuice without too much cinnamon like most apple pie recipes usually have. To get this final flavor I decided on these 3 ingredients, DX cinnamon Danish from tfa for the base, Fuji from Flavourart for the apple and a boost to the crust with cheesecake from TFA again.

All these ingredients have a strong individual taste and can carry a good flavor on the own making this recipes simple but very true to its taste. You could always add some sweetener or other enhancer later but as a base this is the main recipe.

I have made this eliquid in this final form here 8 times so far, and I got the best taste out of the one that I let steep for 2 weeks and had only 4mg of strength. Also I liked best the version that had 50% propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin but the 60%VG version tasted a lot smoother and that’s why I use this ratio from now on.

There are a lot of different aroma viscosities included with these flavors so for steeping I would suggest at least one week for this recipe to give it some extra time for all the ingredients to blend together.

Now As always if you make a sample of this mix yourself let me know how you find too. And I will see you next time again with a nice watermelon ejuice recipe im preparing.


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