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3 Flavors Mix #02 – Fresh Watermelon Juice [Simple Full Flavor Diy E liquid Recipe]

3 Flavors Mix #02 – Fresh Watermelon Juice [Simple Full Flavor Diy E liquid Recipe]

Hello and Welcome back to another video, today I will continue with the same theme of full flavor 3 ingredient mixes. In this episode This time instead of a pastry or a cream I wanted to include something with fruits so today’s recipe is fresh watermelon juice.

The idea behind this recipe was to get a rich watermelon taste that is closer to the real fruit rather than a sweet or watermelon candy. I wanted to get a similar taste as a summer watermelon juice that is refreshing and not overly sweet.

So to do that I had to find a flavor that will introduce a cooling effect similar to a cucumber or mint but without the minty aftertaste. Even though I also tried making it with cucumber and koolada, the flavor that gave me the exact taste I was looking for was Kiwi.

When you use a kiwi flavor at a lower ratio around1 or 2% it introduces a slightly sweet freshness to the vape. Similar to an immature fruit or a lemon but without any of the acid. So after many different batches the final recipe base looks like this, every flavor here is from the flavor apprentice but most other companies should work too.

There is watermelon, kiwi for the fresh effect and honeydew at 3% to add a small boost to the watermelon flavor and an additional layer of melon to the whole recipe. All together they create a very nice and fruity juice at only 11% of total flavor.

When you vape it, you will taste mainly the sweet watermelon on the inhale and on the exhale you will taste the complete recipe with the melons delivering an nice balanced sweetness and the kiwi making the vape feel a little lighter similar to a shisha with cold water.

For steeping I found that this eliquid will mature very quickly and you could even shake and vape it. As a shake and vape it will have a little sharp taste that it will mellow out usually in the next 3 or 4 days.

For a long steep you can leave this to mix mature for about 10 days, and at this point it will have the fullest taste possible and that would be the most ideal time for vaping it. Finishing I want to say that a good range for this eliquid is from 3mg up to 10mg of strength.

I tried it in a variety of different concentrations and I can say that probably 20mg is the highest you would wanna go with this flavor. If you would like to use additional enhancers you could always add some extra sweetener but not too much maybe something around 0.

5 or 1% since its already sweet enough. If you make a batch of this ejuice let me know if you added anything else yourself too its always interesting hearing about it. I hoped you liked this recipe and I will see you again next time.


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