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3 Flavors Mix #06 – Yellow Pear [Full Flavor Diy Eliquid Recipe with INW,CAP]

3 Flavors Mix  #06 – Yellow Pear [Full Flavor Diy Eliquid Recipe with INW,CAP]

Welcome back to another episode, Im john and today I have prepared a new full flavor eliquid recipe that uses only 3 flavors. The idea behind this eliquid as always is to get a nice and flavorful vape while keeping it fast and simple.

So after say that, today’s recipe is Yellow Pear. To get the main flavor I was between flavourart and inawera. They both have a very good and true tasting pear flavors, but for this recipe I needed something that not only tastes good but also has some authority to be able to work as the main flavor.

Now the pear from flavourart is a great flavor to be used as a fruit enhancer. It will add extra brightness and sweetness to most recipes. But it also has a downside, that when it’s used solo it tends to fade rather quickly.

So I went next to Inaweras pear . This is also very similar tasting to the flavourart version but this flavor was mainly created to be used solo so it can carry the flavor for longer due to additional additives it has.

But there is also a downside of containing all these extra aromas which is a harsh chemical aftertaste overpowering the eliquid at anything higher than 5%. So here is the full recipe. Inaweras pear is used as the main flavor at 3%.

Together with some raspberry from capella. Even though the ratios are very close the raspberry is a much weaker flavor and it is used here mainly as an enhancer. It will bring some mild sourness to the vape that will help mellow out the candy sweetness coming from the pear and add some extra mouthfeel to the whole flavor.

In the end there is also 0.5% of sweetener which I recommended to be a sucralose based sweetener because there is already enough ethyl Maltol inside the 2 other flavors. Also instead of the sucralose, stevia would work well here too or even something with menthol or koolada.

And finishing is all mixed at 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol and steeped for only 3 days. It will not need much longer than that, maybe wait for 5 days if you want to leave it longer but the most important thing is to blend it well originally when you are making it.

The flavor of this eliquid is something very unique. The combination of pear and raspberry creates a rich and flavorful vapor that tastes very smooth. It is an eliquid that will vape easily and without creating any flavor fatigue.

The main thing you taste her is the pear with the raspberry only helping it in the background so this is technically a pear juice eliquid and thus the recipe title. If you like fruity eliquids or you are looking to take a break from thick creams then this recipe would be something good to refresh your taste buds.

If you make this eliquid or you make any changes to it, let us know about it in the comments. Now That’s all I have prepared for this recipe. So I’ll see you again next time.


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