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3 Flavors Mix #07 – Pistachio Light Cream [Easy Full Flavor Diy E liquid Recipe]

3 Flavors Mix  #07 – Pistachio Light Cream [Easy Full Flavor Diy E liquid Recipe]

Welcome to a new episode of 3 flavors mix. I’m john from diy eliquid recipes and for today’s video I have prepared to show you a very light and creamy pistachio eliquid. It took me a little longer than usual to finalize this recipe because it kept having a weird chemical aftertaste for the first few attempts.

It reminded me of perfume and I couldn’t figure out why. In the end I realized that the Vienna cream that I was using at 4% was too much together with the rest of the flavors. So after a few other alternatives used this is the final version for this eliquid.

As usual for this recipe theme there are 3 primary flavors creating all the flavor. The Bavarian cream at 5% works very well with the pistachio and the marshmallow later adds some extra non-dairy creaminess to the whole mix.

It is a balanced cream eliquid with a good amount of flavor and light enough to vape for long periods of time. I want to point out that the Bavarian cream used in this recipe is the regular one and not the Dx.

I tried it with the dx and it doesn’t come out as full tasting as with the regular one. In the end I also listed 2 additional additives that are not mandatory but would really help the flavor. As a general note I have to say that the pistachio flavor from tfa works very nicely together with most creams.

Alone it has a slightly sharp edge but when used as the accent with a cream it does actually the opposite and it mellows out the taste and especially on the exhale. That smoothening ability of pistachio during the exhale is used by many commercial eliquid makers inside on their commercial tobacco juices.

They will either use pistachio or pecan in very small ratios to smoothen out darker tobacco notes. Now finishing with this recipe here, I want to say that it tastes almost how it looks like on paper. Its smooth, light and slightly sweet.

Also the vegetable glycerin at 80% it helps with the vape body and vape feel of this juice. For steeping I would recommend at least 10 days. It might sound a little long, but the variety of different flavors and the high VG concentration of this eliquid will both benefit from a long steeping.

This video came out a little shorter than usual but hopefully it gave you enough information on this recipe. If you have the ingredients and make it let us know how it came out for you too. Also if you used any alternatives of Bavarian cream and worked good leave a commend below for other people that will be looking for cream alternatives.

Again thank you for being here until the end and Ill see you next time.


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