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3 Flavors Mix #11 – Lemon Cream Pie [A Full Flavor Vanilla Custard Eliquid Recipe]

3 Flavors Mix #11 – Lemon Cream Pie [A Full Flavor Vanilla Custard Eliquid Recipe]

Hello I’m john and welcome to diy eliquid recipes. Today’s video is a new 3 flavors mix . So this is Lemon Cream pie. As is the theme, this will be a full flavor eliquid created only with 3 main flavors.

This recipe took me a little longer than usual to finalize because I needed the lemon to be an accent and not a primary flavor. In the end this is mainly a creamy eliquid and not something sour, as you would expect from a lemon recipe.

To get the lemon side profile I used lemon cream pie from capella and the vanilla custard from flavourart. This vanilla custard is different than the usual custards like the capella vanilla custard. The flavourart version is much lighter, with less vape body and a lemon peel aftertaste which usually comes out weird tasting on straight custard recipes but for today’s purpose that mild lemon aftertaste actually works great.

So before I say anything else here is the full recipe. As you can see now the base for this eliquid is cookie from flavorart again at 2%. This flavor is different and more complex than just straight acetyl Pyrazine or graham cracker.

So if you want to substitute it with something else I would recommend either Inawera biscuit at the same ratio or a custom combination of graham cracker and sweet cream. For the optional ingredients, I would recommend using ethyl vanillin if you have it, but it’s not a deal breaker.

What vanillin will do in this recipe is make the cream taste more realistic and familiar to regular deserts. Now for steeping I would recommend 5 days. You can of course leave it to steep longer but with a good long blending while mixing, this eliquid will be ready for vaping in about 5 days.

The taste is very rich for just a 3 flavor recipe. The combination of creams is what you will mainly taste with the lemon only in the background during the exhale and the cookie will be almost invisible in the back just making the vape body richer.

For nicotine I would recommend keeping it low with maximum of 8mg, since this is a full flavor and easy vaping recipe so a mild level of nicotine is ideal. Finishing I want to say that I know that lemon meringue pie from capella is not a flavor a lot of people own but if you already have it or you were thinking of getting it soon, this recipe would be something good to start with.

As always leave us your thoughts in the comments. A new flavor review of a very popular flavor is going to be on the next video together with a nice cheesecake recipe. Im aiming for that video to come out this Sunday.

In any case thank you for being here once more and Ill see you again, next time.


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