Home DIY E-Liquids 3 Mango Flavors Review – FlavourArt, Inawera, Flavorah (for Diy Eliquid recipes)

3 Mango Flavors Review – FlavourArt, Inawera, Flavorah (for Diy Eliquid recipes)

3 Mango Flavors Review – FlavourArt, Inawera, Flavorah (for Diy Eliquid recipes)

Hello and welcome to diy eliquid recipes. I’m john I’m a flavor compounder and today we are going to take a look at 3 very special mango flavors. I know there are many more to try but for this video I picked the 3 that I find to be the best ones overall and I will quickly go over the best properties for each one.

This list is not in any order since they are all good on their own different way. So saying that Ill start first with the mango from Inawera. This is a very juicy and floral flavor. It has a lot of brightness that works nicely in low ratios but it can overpower a recipe at anything higher than 4%.

This is a nice mango flavor but I wouldn’t call it the best one available. I find The best way to use this flavor is as a mango enhancer or fruit booster. For example you can use it at around 1% together with your favorite mango concentrate to lively up the taste and make it a little more realistic.

The best ratios to use Inawera mango is for solo or as a primary flavor from 2-3% and as a booster from 0.5 up to 1.5%. The next mango on this review is from flavorah. This is a concentrate that is a little harder to find and a bit more expensive than the rest so not that many people had a chance to try it.

Personally I tried it for the first time recently back in august and I can say that this is an excellent mango flavor. It works great even just by itself and it is one of the most realist mangos that I have tried.

It feels almost like a oneshot concentrate and the only thing that is missing is probably a little bit of sweetener. Now the reason this concentrate so good is because of the fullness of the flavor. It feels almost like mango and cream.

The flavor is more juicy and rich than other mangos making me believe that there is definitely some enhancer or a cream involved in this flavor and that will show also while steeping too. It will need about 2 weeks to fully blend and mature which is about twice as long than most fruits usually take.

Now one positive thing that I can say about the enhancer used in this flavor is that it helps maintain the taste for a longer period than other concentrate. If you have been mixing for a while now you might have found that some flavors and especially fruits will start to faint after a couple weeks.

This effect is less pronounced with this flavor and it will actually taste better the longer it steeps.Now moving to ratios if you want to use flavorahs mango as your main flavor use it from 3 to 5% and if you want to use it as an accent use it from 0.

5 to 1.5%. A good way to get a very juicy and rich mango eliquid would be to combine flavorah and inawera mangos together, I found that at a ratio of 4% flavorah and 1.5% inawera it works very well but you can always tweak that for your personal taste.

And next moving to the last flavor for today and this is mango from flavourart or costa rica special. This is another good mango flavor that will vape nicely and with a good flavor. The difference from the other 2 mangos is that this one is the least floral of them all.

It has more of a light green taste and it is slightly sweeter than the rest. If you try it alone it will taste like a mango but it is definitely not a good solo flavor. It doesn’t seem to have any additives or enhancers it is just a plain mango that tastes like is not fully ripen yet.

It is sweet but also immature and slightly green tasting. Now the good thing about these characteristics is that this mango will blend very well with other fruits. If you want to mix it with a strawberry or peach or maybe a light tobacco then this is the best flavor for that.

It will not bring in any taste own its own but it will rather blend in and create an nice and smooth flavor cocktail. If you want to use it solo use it from 3 up to7% and if you want to use it inside a recipe use it from 1 up to 4%.

So closing I want to say that all 3 flavors are good mangos but each one does it differently. if you only had to buy one to try then this would be my personal order. For solo mango eliquids this would be the order Flavorah, flavourart and inawera.

To use it as an accent or fruit booster then it would be, Flavourart, Inawera, flavorah. Now I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you again for watching until the end and Ill see you next time.


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