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5 Must Have Additives for Diy Eliquid Recipes (Best enhancers & boosters)

5 Must Have Additives for Diy Eliquid Recipes (Best enhancers & boosters)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m john im a flavor compounder and today I will go over 5 very useful and important additives that will help you get a better flavor out of you eliquids. These are additives that are used by professionals to add that premium taste that is found in storebought eliquids.

They will help cover unwanted aftertastes and boost certain profiles to create a richer and much fuller recipe. So I will start with the first one and this is ethyl vanillin. This is an additive that is used in a lot of eliquids, because of the nature of vanilla it helps mellow out and blend all the different profiles while also leaving a very familiar aftertaste we are used to from pastries and sweets.

1 drop of vanillin for every 10ml of ejuice works very well in almost everything from fruits, or tobaccos and ofcourse in cakes and sweets. If you are trying to clone and eliquid and you are coming close but not exactly at the same taste then try using some vanillin and this wil be usually what is was missing.

Together with a high amount of sweetener, vanillin is the second secret ingredient in commercial ejuice. Next on number 2 is an equally important additive that does the same thing but this one works with darker and more earthy flavors.

So this is aceyl Pyrazine. Together with vanillin, acetyl Pyrazine is one of the most common additives. It is used in crust or cookie flavors, it is used with nuts or chocolate flavors and ofcourse it is also used as a tobacco enhancer.

So basically if you are making anything else but fruits or creams then most likely acetyl Pyrazine would be used. This additive is not as of a secret that is used by professional eliquid makers since a lot or almost all commercial tobacco clone recipes will included it.

Also it is almost impossible to get a rich cookie taste without acetyl Pyrazine, so almost all cereal and bisquit eliquids most definitely use acetyl Pyrazine as an enhancer. This is a very important additive and defiantly something worth looking into.

Next will be also another popular additive, but this one is usually used with only one kind of recipes, and its not fruits,or tobaccos or pastries so can you guess whats left? Well its mint and menthol vapes.

Mint is a flavor that people will either love or hate. And out of all the menthol additives there is one stands out to me for the best consistency and its mild taste. This is Polarblast from Flavourart.

It is similar to koolada but much more mellow making it even possible to be used as a flavor too. But with mints a little goes a long way so I would recommend starting with around 1% first. This will add a nice coolness and freshness to your vapes without giving too much of a burning sensation that can be found in some other mint flavors.

As an additive it will also help bring out some extra coolness from other mints but without overdoing it. So if you like this type of flavors this additive would help you out a lot to getting close the most realistic mint taste possible.

And next is number 4 and this is butter flavor. There are a few different butter flavors offered by almost every company so I won’t talk about an individual one but about the flavor as a whole. Butter is very useful when making cream or cookie type of recipes.

It will add extra smoothness to the vape and mellow out the taste a lot. It works great to bring out cream tones and it can also make chocolate taste more full and less rough. Same as menthol additives a lot of butter will ruin any recipe so start with a drop at every 10ml and see how you like the changes it brings.

If you have a go to cream recipe, then make it together with a drop of butter and immediately you will taste the extra depth that it brings to the flavor. And now moving to the last additive for today, this is brown sugar.

This flavor can be used as an alternative or together with regular sweeteners. It will add a sweet taste but with a hint of burned sugar or caramel aftertaste. It works very well when making dark flavors like tobaccos, rum or chocolates.

If it used together with a regular sweetener it will just add some sweet burned sugar notes to the recipe, and if it is used as the only sweetener it will introduce a caramel like taste together with some extra throat hit.

It is a very nice additive to use but I should also say that it is an acquired taste. Im currently now working on the part 2 for next week so if you have any additive suggestions or for anything else feel free to leave a comment below.

And I will see you next time.


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