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5 Reasons Why you can’t taste your DIY Ejuice anymore (Muted eliquid flavor)

5 Reasons Why you can’t taste your DIY Ejuice anymore (Muted eliquid flavor)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im john Im a flavor compounder and today I want to talk about a question that I see pretty often. And that is why I can’t taste my DIY ejuice anymore? So you might find one day that some of your eliquids that used to be full of flavor, now still smell good but when you vape them they taste like just pure Vegetable glycerin.

There have minimal or no flavor to taste at all. If you have that problem, it is not unusual and here are 5 reasons on why that might be happening. First I will start with Vaping the same flavor for too long.

This is an obvious one, if you are vaping only a single flavor for the past week or longer then it is normal to get some flavor blindness. To Fix that you can just change your eliquid flavor for 1 or 2 days until you get a reset on your favorite flavor.

Next is number 2 and this is Using too much Vegetable glycerin. This is on the list because Vegetable glycerin will mute or cover flavors, and that is usually only fixed with adding extra flavoring and longer steeping.

So if you changed the amount of glycerin in your recipes or started using a different brand of glycerin then try again the same recipe at a 50/50 vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to see if that fixes the problem.

Next is number 3 and this is Using too much Ethyl Maltol. This is an issue with most sweeteners but Ethyl Maltol tends to make the biggest difference. When it is used at higher than 1% in concentration ethyl Maltol tends to mute other flavors and especially fruits.

It will cover strawberry almost completely and sometimes it will give banana or creams a slightly bitter aftertaste. So if you need to use ethyl Maltol higher that 1% then use it together with another sweetener like sucralose, stevia or brown sugar.

And moving on to number 4 which is Vaping intense and rich flavors for too long. This is again similar to number 1 but this is about strong tasting flavors, like creams, tobaccos, or pastries. In this type of eliquids there will be a lot of different additives that create these rich flavors.

After vaping them for an extended period of time other than flavor fatigue you will experience also muted taste from overstimulation. So if you tend to only vape complex flavors like that switch over every now and then to a simple 1 or 2 ingredient recipes.

Another suggestion is If you like mint or lemon eliquids then temporarily switch to those and you will get your taste back even faster. And last one for today is number 5 and this is the coil or your cotton is too old.

This is an obvious reason but sometimes not something we want to try right away since coils can get expensive. But I have found if I use a lot of different types of eliquids back to back on the same coil it tends to never properly recover and taste like it was the first time.

Even on a fresh coil I found that trying to vape only the same or similar flavors works best without much degradation on taste. The worst offenders I find for tainting coils are peanut butter, most tobaccos and chocolate.

No matter how much you try to clean the taste out of them there will always be a hint until you get in a new coil. If you ever had a problem tasting your diy ejuice then feel free to leave your story too in the comments below.

I want to quickly say now that I created a database for all the recipes, reviews and guides at diyeliquidrecipes.info. All videos are organized in one place making it easier to find them by each topic.

Now As always thank you for staying until the end and I will see you next time.


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