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$60 Vape vs. $1200 Vape

$60 Vape vs. $1200 Vape

hey what’s going on guys I’m back with another video and in today’s video I’m gonna be comparing a starter 50 to $65 mod and it advanced $1,200 vape mod this video is sponsored by geek vape and the 50 to $65 beginner mod that I’m gonna be using is the aegis minibike geek fate and the $1200 mod is the brass gyre by avid life there’s a bunch of different pieces on this mod and actually on this mod too I’m gonna be covering both these in depth so stay tuned the reason I wanted to make this video is because I get a ton of emails and dm’s and messages in general asking the difference between a box mod and a mechanical mod so I figured I would do a beginner versus advanced setup and also the difference between an expensive and a cheaper setup so I’m gonna start by talking about the ages mini and I have a brand new one here that I haven’t opened yet and I’m gonna show you guys exactly what it comes with alright so when you open it that’s gonna be your box right there underneath this is your tank here and then you just twist this on here and that’s literally the complete setup right there and then they also give you a box right here and in the box they give you everything you need they give you the USB port to charge because this has an internal battery which I’m going to cover later but I really the fact that this has an internal battery with variable wattage is amazing first starter and then you get your extra o rings and bands extra replacement clasp and you get your coil so you got a coil in the tank and this replacement coil you also get an instruction manual and your authenticity card but yeah let’s talk about this device in depth this kit is super dope especially for the price point and here’s why if you check this material here is straight rubber so this mod is shockproof and waterproof which really comes in handy especially if you’re like if you drop your mod or whatever if you’re like clumsy with your vape if you drop this it literally doesn’t break like if you get water on it it won’t it just goes off it also has a built in 2200 milliamp hour bout also has a 2200 milliamp hour battery built into it which you can charge right in this USB right here so the good thing about an internal battery on a variable wattage device like this is you don’t have to buy batteries and a separate charger which adds up to around like forty to fifty dollars usually so this thing is a built in twenty two hundred million power battery which honestly is lasted me a long time I took around like 200-300 hits and that’s when it started to die for me so that would last me a couple days at least and the good thing is that this device is chargeable through the usb on the bottom here which is covered by the rubber so it makes the whole thing completely waterproof so I’m going to swap out this device because I haven’t primed this coil or set it up yet and I’m just gonna show you guys the screen and all that on this device here that I’ve set up so this device is variable wattage up to 80 watts there’s 80 yeah so it goes 5 to 80 watts and 80 watts in my opinion is pretty much all you need especially with these met mesh coils that are heating up really fast you really only need like 50 to 80 watts max the coil they give you whoa that was really high the coil they give you with this tank I think is best at 40 watts and here’s how it hits at 40 watts so I hits really well I mean for 40 watts it’s blowing literally like clouds so I definitely recommend this advice especially since like when you’re getting into vaping you don’t want to worry about the batteries and dropping your mod and breaking it and all that stuff so the combination of this being so durable and also having the internal battery is really key one thing I have to point out though is the top the tank is not waterproof which I was kind of bummed about but honestly I don’t even think you can make a tank waterproof because the coils and the electricity running through it so definitely an impressive mod so yeah definitely recommend picking one of these up if you’re looking for a starter device or if you’re looking for a new convenient small device this is definitely it for you so I’m gonna leave a link below if you want you can check that out so now we’re gonna cover the $1,200 mold and real quickly I’m gonna do a price breakdown of everything so this is the mechanical mod itself it’s called the brass dimple gyre by avid life and I believe this is second batch and at the time that I got this this was $400 this button is custom I’m not sure how much this would be but inside of the button I have this silver pin normally these avid life mods come with a copper pin this one I upgraded to a silver pin which was $50 putting this back together the top is super expensive the RDA in the cap this deck is the two-post silver battle deck by cop life the deck was $105 then this cap is the diamond battle cap s by comp life and I don’t know if you can see these here but these are two diamonds in the eye two white diamonds and then in the back is two black diamonds in the eyes and then the material of this is coated white rhodium I it’s brass underneath but it’s white rhodium on top and this cap was sold for $700 originally so yeah that completes this mod to be around $1,200 so this specific mod isn’t really honestly comparable to this one at all because this is a variable wattage advice this is a mechanical just straight battery powered device but since I used this so much and I get so many questions on this specific mod I’m gonna be going into depth on it and I’m gonna show you guys that really the true difference between the two so as I mentioned this one isn’t variable wattage but on a device like this it’s really for only advanced vapors who know exactly what build they want in their RDA if this is a little confusing that’s okay because it’s kind of a lot of termined fake terminology so basically everyone who gets his device not everyone a lot of people who get this device know exactly what build they like on a mechanical mod because mechanical mods you can’t turn the power up or down it’s all dependent on your battery life the battery you’re using the material of your mod and the coils in your RDA so for instance I always use for app alien coils sometimes I use five wrap but I know that two to three builds that I always run on a mechanical mod this type of device is really meant for someone who knows exactly what they want in a build exactly how they’re gonna run the mechanical mod and you have to really know one your voltage and your battery’s dropping off also let me point out that these mods take a ton of maintenance first since this metal is brass they also have copper mods but copper and aluminum but I prefer brass and copper because they hit harder but brassy copper tarnish is just like a penny wood it gets green over time a copper mod or brass mod will tarnish copper tarnish is more than brass but brass also tarnishes that’s why this mod looks so shiny right now when they’re shined up they look awesome but in about two or three days if I use this a lot it’ll be back to dull in a couple days this will turn into this and if you don’t keep this clean it kind of gets like a penny kind of smell so you kind of got to keep this clean all the time second off in the RDA you got to replace your cotton pretty much daily because of how hot this burns and you got to replace your coil accordingly so for me it’s every like two weeks – four weeks but for you depending on what bill you’re using it’ll depend on the life of the coil and the third thing is you always have to be aware of what your battery is at the voltage of your battery on a mechanical mod is extremely important normally a battery’s life is from 3 point 6 volts to 4 point 2 volts and for a mechanical mod you really in my opinion you really don’t want your battery to go below like 3/8 or three point nine volts is that’s when it can start to get dangerous since this mod is unregulated if you’re running your batteries super super low voltage and you’re running a low resistance coil your mod can malfunction when your battery drops on a mechanical mod it can get very dangerous so you always want to be aware of what your voltage is that in your mechanical model another reason this mod is very inconvenient and a lot of work is in public you have to bring multiple batteries because these batteries die very fast when you’re using a mechanical mod so normally I would bring two to three extra batteries then you got to bring your juice to drip on your atomizer and you got to constantly be Reed ripping your cotton because when you get a dry hit it’s disgusting but let me show you the performance of this mod since I haven’t even hit it yet I don’t know about visually on camera but when you hit this mod compared to this mod this mod feels like err this mod feels like fire that also really depends on what you’re building on an RDA if you run an RDA on here I’m sure you could get very dense clouds as well and now that I’ve compared these two and cloud production I’m going to compare it in tricks and now I’m gonna be tricking with the ages mini so I do a little demonstration of me tricking with both which obviously isn’t perfect because I don’t have room in my room through that like walk around and do jellies and lassos and lakes and stuff like that but they’re definitely very different I don’t necessarily think one is better I think for my style of tricking I would prefer this but this is very good compared to this especially in terms of price I would pretty much put them equal this one you do get a lot denser hits which for some people it might help or not help trick and this one you get it’s weird you like get a big cloud but it doesn’t feel like you’re taking a hit so honestly they both have their strengths I would say this one you can get bigger owes and more dense clouds but besides the bigger O’s and more dense tricks I would say they’re pretty equal in terms of tricking so overall I would say an AV or an advanced mechanical mod is really for a small group of people I don’t think it’s for everyone and these high-end mechanical mods are definitely definitely definitely not for a beginner or a new vapor and I don’t think any new vapors should ever get a mechanical mod for their first or even second or third device I think it should be later down the line if you’re gonna get one so that’s pretty much gonna wrap up the video and based off of all of that which mod do you think is more functional and a better price for what you get leave a comment below I’m gonna hit both of these at the same time right now cuz I’m weird okay to vapes is always better than one for clouds but anyways peace out guys I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did make sure to like comment and for more and peace out until next time


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