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7 Leaves Ultimate FlavourArt – Review & Recipe [A simple mellow tobacco diy flavor]

7 Leaves Ultimate FlavourArt – Review & Recipe [A simple mellow tobacco diy flavor]

Welcome to diy eliquid recipes and to another single flavor review. For today’s video I have prepared a quick review of a very nice and mellow tobacco concentrate. So this is 7 leaves ultimate from flavourart.

This is a simple and soft tobacco flavor that works very well either by itself or together with other similar flavors. The main feature of this concentrate here is that it’s not as strong or dark as other tobaccos, if you use it around 4 or 5% it will still have a soft and rich taste with a good amount of aroma and mouthfeel.

Most tobacco flavors that we are used to, and especially the tobaccos from flavourart and inawera tend to be very strong and bold flavors and have to be used carefully with sometimes even 1% being too much.

On the other hand 7 leaves ultimate is a little more forgiving and can be used without the fear of overpowering everything else inside the recipe. So in a summary, i leaves ultimate is on the mild side of tobaccos but still strong enough to taste right when needed.

Now this is mostly also an aromatic tobacco so it lacks a little bit of vapebody. If you want to make 7 leaves taste a little richer but without changing the taste much, then use 0.5% of acetyl Pyrazine to enhance the body and vapefeel of the tobacco without adding any other foreign flavors to the eliquid.

Now if you would like to vape this one solo a good start is at 4% with 8% the highest end. If you want to make a mild tobacco eliquid then it works great as a base then use it from 2% up to around 6%.

Now, if you want to use this flavor as an accent or as a side flavor, it works really well from 1% up to 3% and its great when used together with other darker tobaccos to balance their flavor but without losing any aroma or taste.

And last you can use a touch of 7 leaves in other recipes try it from 1% up to 2% depending on how much tobacco flavor you want to introduce. Next I have prepared to show you a light caramel tobacco eliquid that you can make with this flavor if you are thinking of buying or if you already have it.

So this is the recipe here. The 7 leaves was used at the same ratio together with the RY4 flavor from tfa. The combination of this 2 mild flavors at 5% is enough to create a light tobacco flavor without overdoing it with too much aroma.

The caramel is provided again by tfa using their excellent caramel original which is a buttery and semisweet caramel flavor that works really well with this recipe profile. And finishing with a boost to the vapebody with a little bit of graham cracker.

This is joker flavor and could be easily substituted with anything else without much impact on the taste. So feel free to even use just some acetyl Pyrazine instead. All together this is a flavorful mild tobacco eliquid that won’t remind you much of a cigarette when you vape it but something closer to a mild cigarillo.

Its aromatic and with a good amount of caramel to balance the rest of the flavors. As an alternative to the RY4 you could also use the flavourart RY4 but I haven’t tried it that way yet so I have no recommendation at this time.

In any case if you make this recipe or you have anything to share with us about the 7 leaves tobacco as always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. The next video I’m preparing right now is the long awaited part 2 of the video 5 must have additives for eliquid recipes.

So thank you again for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video and Ill see you again, next time.


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