Home Coil Builds Advanced Vape Tips: Choosing An RDA or RTA – Episode Two

Advanced Vape Tips: Choosing An RDA or RTA – Episode Two

Advanced Vape Tips: Choosing An RDA or RTA – Episode Two

This weather’s too good. This week we go over the differences between various types of RDAs and RTAs, to help you guys make sure you’re building the best setup for your vaping style. This one really isn’t an error but more something which rarely people get right the first time.

Rebuildable atomisers offer users the opportunity to build and mount their own coils for a more customised experience. There are different versions available to suit different vaping styles and it’s easy to pick the wrong one.

Before making a purchase you should check the following: How many vape coils does a rebuildable atomiser fit? Now smaller rebuildables, as seen here, sometimes only fit one coil, which may not be enough for those looking to create large clouds and experience a direct to lung vape.

Which if you need a reminder, that’s where you inhale the vapor straight to the lungs without letting it linger in the mouth. Can I use any vape coil build? Complicated coil builds will have to be larger to accommodate higher wattages or temperatures.

It’s always important that you check the details regarding the size of the build deck and the terminal holes to ensure compatibility. Personally I find the 0.6ohm CoilArt pre-made Kanthal coil works best across the board.

It’s a simple, mid resistance build which finds the ideal balance between cloud and flavour. Part of selecting and using the correct coil is making sure it’s installed properly. When you insert a coil into your RDA, make sure you conduct extra safety checks before using it.

Like making no part of the coil touching the base of the deck. Making sure that you have an over stretched your coil and that there are no hot spots and make sure that the resistance reading on your ohms reader matches your expected ohm resistance of your coil within a 10% margin, because a lot of them will vary by 10%.

How do I adjust airflow on a rebuildable vape atomiser? Adjustable airflow, while common in rebuildables, is not always a guarantee. Certain devices designed for competition vaping will feature a fixed airflow, so make sure you check.

On the other hand, adjustable airflow will give you greater control over your style of vaping and can limit or increase your cloud production to suit your needs. As a rule of thumb the more closed your airflow is, the more restricted your airflow will be and therefore less cloud will be produced, but, you will produce a more clear flavour.

Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung vaping? While a lot of RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs have been designed to allow vapers to create larger clouds and to experience a direct to lung inhale, there is now a growing market for smaller models that offer a more restricted inhale for mouth to lung vaping.

For example, the Vandy Vape Berserker is a solid choice and delivers adjustable airflow with enhanced flavour Does it have an eliquid reservoir? Conventional rebuildables require you to regularly drip eliquid directly onto the coils and cotton.

This can be inconvenient, especially when out and about. If you plan to vape on the go, we recommend investing in either an RTA or an RDTA, which features a built in a eliquid reservoir like a standard vape tank.

Thanks for watching the second episode of Advanced Vaping Tips. Next week we’re going to be talking about getting your heads wrapped around RDA coils. See you then! don’t


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