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After Nath DIY EJuice Recipe

After Nath DIY EJuice Recipe

Welcome back to the YouTube channel, this time we have another version one version as we have done before … We took a few recipes, all inspired in the same way or created in the same way and all looking the same taste, we are looking for or looking for the manufacturer with this recipe .

.. I have not put the bottle We assume that the manufacturer was looking for … the name is in the footer, as always … and with this recipe, what they wanted and we believe that they have found each other, is a frosting with vanilla ice cream and add the Blueberry and finally added some Berry Crunch, leaving a pleasant taste the palate leaves a very nice and rich flavor the composition of the recipe is as as on previous occasions, we tried to highlight flavors and stop other background or a we create a cream, use the Sweet Cream and Whipped Cream the move to back and so look better We use the Sweet Cream but the Whipped Cream and Vanilla Swirl to round cream and Vanilla Bean Gelato to flavor ice cream more pronounced and Frosted Donuts to give that extra sweetness to aggrandize the sweetness, rader and finally use the combiancion of Blueberry and Blueberry Candy to get a taste of Blueberry smoother and pleasant and finally add the extra touch of flavor Berry Crunch .

.. well I said, proceed with the recipe, Berry Crunch, as we have said is a small contribution, therefore a 2% = 0.2 mili liters Blueberry 5% = 0.5 milli liters to 10 milli liters total … if the recipe says it is a glazed vanilla ice cream with blueberry and a little Berry Crunch in this case, the Blueberry we have to put more quantity and put 5% = 0.

5 mili liters 10 mili liters total Frosted the donuts says 4% 0.4 mili liters Vanilla Bean Gelato, which is what prevails above all, a 7% 0.7 mili liters Blueberry Candy, for soften normal Blueberry, says 2% = 0.

2 mili liters that we have here and to use our Sweet Cream cream, we use 2% 0.2 mili liters We use Whipped Cream also 2% = 0.2 milli liters to 10 milli liters total and also use Vanilla Swirl, 1% = 0.

1 milli liters to 10 milli liters total How much flavor we all? 2.5 mili liters gives 10, that is, gives a 25% flavor propylene glycol as we need to add 5 milli liters and 2.5 ml have taste, we must add the difference, which is 2.

5 milli liters 2.5 mili liters take here We remove the air … We leave the syringe in place we cover as ever and now we add the glycerin and glycerin added 5 milli liters remove the air 5 milli liters of glycerine lift the tube to lower .

. and 5 milli liters of glycerin added and this is the version of the recipe This is the version we do this eliquid I repeat as before, this is not a clone, but a version is as we understand well this is all over and I see in the next, see you later.


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